Monday, March 21, 2011


I've been a lucky streak the last couple of days. Friday afternoon I noticed that Top Chef Bravo started to follow me. I was like hmmm. The I saw on twitter that I was the winner for last weeks prize! :) I was totally surprised, because I don't remember entering. LOL I get a cool little prize pack. a gift card for 1 month free of their Top Chef University. Its like an online cooking class on . I get a copy of their new cookbook "How to Cook Like a Top Chef" and I get a Top Chef Apron. I faxed them all my info so I should get that in a few days or so.

Then today on facebook I follow Shoreline Sightseeing. They give tours on boats of downtown Chicago off Lake Michigan. Every Monday they have a contest to be the first to comment on a post and the winner gets 2 free tickets for a tour. The last few weeks they were doing trivia questions. Today was about around the world in 80 days. There was a picture of this guy who I guess is doing around the world in 80 days. There question was where the guy and also the main character in the book start the trip off at. the question was up for 6 minutes and no one answered it. I was shocked. I didn't know the answer so I did what anyone would do-looked it up online. Answer: London. So I won the 2 tickets! :)

So I have some things to look forward to in the mail soon!