Thursday, November 22, 2012

Non traditional December Daily

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today on the VLVS! blog is my project using the plate 1430. In this post I am going to show you a few more pictures. Also be sure to check out my you tube video on my project.

I did  a non traditional December daily book. The papers i used was Recollections Create collection and a couple papers from Snapshot stack from DCWV.  There weren't many holiday papers out there that was available to buy at big box stores, that didn't have more of a winter/general holiday themed to them that I liked.

Other items I used in the book are some May Arts trim, a Jolee's glittery flower, trim from recollections. Also some sprays and stencils. The other stamps I used besides the plate 1430 was the snowwoman in flower hat and the line of chevrons (starting to be one of my favorite stamps)

I'm kinda undecided on what to do with this book. If i want to use it as what everyone is doing and keeping a day to day record of what I do. Honestly I don't get out as much as I use to. :(  Or do what I had planned which is hopfully doing one of those photo's a day challenges. Or maybe I'll mix the 2 together.

Happy thanksgiving! and Dont forget Viva Las VegaStamps! is having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. 10% off AND free shipping! Be sure to use the code "cyber" in your cart where it says coupon code so you can get the discount!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

pics went poof!

You may have noticed that there are a lot of posts missing. and the ones that are still here some posts are missing pictures. Well there is a reason for this. I was sweating bullets when i realized it.

When I was doing my blog post for day 20 Nanojoumo I got a message that I ran out of storage space for pictures for my blog. So I went into my Google plus and went to the albums that were marked shycraftgirl and deleted them. so I can have room to upload more pictures. (or I could of bought more storage but why.) Well it was all good as the first few blog post were there with pictures. but then I went a little further and saw the pictures from most of the other posts were all gone! Also the 2 blog posts that I pre posted for my VLVS! DT next month. I totally freaked! Luckily I still had pictures for the ones for next months posts still on my computer. and I still had pictures from my DT post from a couple weeks ago on the laptop. so fixed those. but all others are gone. Yes my NaNoJouMo's are on my flicker and i can go there and save them to put back.  but the other posts from a couple years ago and even last year I've deleted most of them from my blog. I have you tube videos on most of that stuff anyways. I'm just sick of my DT stuff is gone.

NaNoJouMo day 21

Today's song is Dust in the Win by Kansas. Again simple page. not craft about it after looking at it. the eyes are not the same size and that is bugging me big time. and I should of had the eyes totally closed and not have a little white showing

NoNoJouMo day 20

I've been sick for the last couple of days with a sinus cold. Feeling a little better. I got a little catching up to do with a coupe of prompts.  Here is the prompt from yesterday. Song was When you were young by the Killers. This page and the one I did for today is nothing fancy. quick pages.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

NaNoJouMo Day 17

You can't always get what you want. by Rolling Stones

NaNoJouMo Day 16

The song prompt was Peaceful easy feeling by The Eagles. I had no clue on what to do for this one.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

NaNoJouMo day 15

Todays song is Time is on my side. By Rolling Stone.

NaNoJouMo day 12

I thought I bloged day 12 on here. but I see I didn't. Day 12 song was Surrender by Cheap Trick. I tried to make the 2 people on the page l\make up as Kiss fans and did a bad job with the "makeup" that I did with a black Zebra Mulsion EX pen.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NaNoJouMo day 14

Take the Money and Run

NaNoJouMo day 13

Yesterday's song was "Feels like the first time" Didn't know what to do. Its such a happy Love song. I'm not happy in love. i'm not even in love. just a lonely single girl, who is still mending the pieces of a broken heart from last year.

So i just stamped a line from the song. and added it to a page that needed something.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

NaNoJouMo day 11

Today's so is Wish you were Here by Pink Floyd. This one practically took me all day. Though the background was already done and I didn't start it til late this afternoon. So I guess it really didn't take me all day.  More like most of the afternoon.

I broke out the "Mix Media Girls" by Suzi Blu Book and traced one of the templates she has in the book. My first time coloring and shading. Its not great, but its not bad either. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

VLVS! Tag/ATC Swap: Follow the red brick road

Back in Sept. I was in a Tag/ATC swap on the VLVS! forums. the theme was open, we could do anything we wanted. We just had to make sure the atc's and Tags go with one and another.

One thing I wanted to do flopped. so went another route. I was inspired by this one picture I saw on pintest. It was from the movie Wizard of Oz where Dorthy landed in Oz and she was going to start her journey down the yellow brick road and the caption of the picture was "Where do the red bricks go to?" And that got me thinking "What if Dorthy went down the red brick road."

I don't have the #8 tag die, but last year when I was visiting a friend, she had the tag die and i die cut a few. I also took the negatives from the die cuts. I traced the negative on manila file folders. I cut them out and then Gessoed them. I then did a layer of water downed craft paint in Magenta. I then painted it Raspberry craft paint that is a glossy craft paint.  I used a brick stencil that another friend made me and sprayed some Hottie pottie Hot Pink Starbust spray by Lindy's stamp Gang. With the same brick stencil and with Molding paste(In this Tag/ATC project I used Golden soft molding paste that was in the starter pack of mediums and the Blick's brand when I ran out of the golden stuff in the little jar.) With A pallet knife I scraped some of the molding paste on the stencil in various places on the tag. used the heat gun to dry it. After it was dried I spritzed some Golden yellow Tumble Dye spray on the craft mat and painted (yes painted!) all the bricks.  I put some water down black and white craft paints on a paint pallet and with a brush made some drips and splats. The background looks likes this.

I backed the tags on lightweight chipboard and painted the edges with black craft paint.

On white cardstock I stamped the Fat Fish in High Heels, Many armed clock person, and Wheeled man in black Memento ink pad. I painted them with Distress ink pads in Picked Raspberry, Mowed Lawn, Salty Ocean, Wild Honey, and antique Linen. The Silver in the wheel is Pearlesnt watercolor. Fussy cut them out. The fish and the man I used foam tape, the clock guy I used Miracle Tape and Glossy Accents. 

The sentiment on the tag I typed it up in Word. I tried to pick a good font to fit the Oz theme.  I then took some pink ribbon I had gotten at a thrift store and cut small pieces and out then trough the top of the tags and stapled them.

Next are the ATC's

They are also are on Manila folders and Gessoed. I wanted to use the opposite colors on the ATC's that I used on the Tags. So instead of the Pink in the background color I wanted the Yellow. I sprayed the Golden Yellow Tumble dye spray on the atc. Didn't like it. So after it dried. I painted the atcs with yellow craft paint. I then took a tire tread stencil that the same friend who made the brick stencil made me. (thanks Jean!) and molding paste. scraped some of that with the pallet  knife on the atc. Once that was dried, I painted them (call me crazy!) with the water down  magenta craft paint. I then made drips and splatters with the water down black, white and the magenta craft paints. (to have a bottle of water down craft paint. When the bottle of color craft paint is almost empty, just take it and fill it with water. and shake it a bit.) I backed the atc's in lightweight chipboard and painted the edges with black craft paint.

On white cardstock I stamped the Braids Lady and Sitting Bird. Colored them with distress ink pads in Picked Raspberry, and Salty ocean. I used peach water color for the girl's face. I used Glossy accents to the girl (the glossy accents help stick the girl more to the parts of the atc that had the molding paste on it) and foam tap for the bird. Again i typed the sentiment on Word with another font that I thought was OZ like. Glued the words on to the ATC. 

We had to put a pocket or envelope on the back of the tag, I had some atc sleeves that i had gotten from other swaps I was in. I used Miracle tape on one side of the sleeve and taped them to the back of the tag and slipped the atc in there..

Stamps used

Items used
Manila folders
Craft paints
Molding paste
pallet knife
tumble dye stray
Lindy's stamp gang Starburst spray
water down craft paints
foam tape
glossy accents
white cardstock
Wild Honey distress ink pad
water brush
peach watercolor
pearlesent watercolor
light weight chipboard
Aileen's tacky glue 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

NaNoJouMo day 8

Today's Prompt i the song Tiny Dancer by Elton John. Looked through my magazine images, found one I liked. Then found a cool paper towel that had some colors on them. Think I did it when i was playing with dyeing paper towels with water down craft paints. The black pieces on the bottom is from a cover of a Office Max catalog. I liked the design of it so i tore the cover off and kept it. LOL

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NaNoJouMo day 7

Today's song prompt was "Who are you" by The Who. Was kinda hoping for a Beatles tune since its my birthday today! :P This one puzzled me a bit when I saw it before I went to bed last night. When I got up this morning I got an idea.

I took out some baby wipes to dry. When they were dried I rubbered banded each of them and sprayed with SEI tumble dyes, and one I did spay with the pink Dylusions. I got a inky fingers when done. not the best when you are going out to dinner for your birthday, but oh well! LOL They turned out so cool!

I used the one pictured on the top. Glued it to the page. Then I found an image of the Caterpillar from Alice and Wonderland. printed cut him out and glued him on cardboard to make him more sturdy. the letters I wanted to use were too big, so I opted to use the Kasier Craft little ones. stuck them on the extra printer paper i printed the image from. cut and glued the words down.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NaNoJouMo day 6

Today's song title prompt is Crystal Ball by Styx. I have never heard of the song, So I was stumped, even after reading the lyrics. Not my best page so far. :/

NaNoJouMo DAy 5

Yesterday I went downtown, and i was so tired last night when i got home that I didn't do the prompt form yesterday(I'm also fighting with a cold that's trying to come.) So I worked on it this morning. It is so different and light hearted than what I've seen from everyone else.

I went to the museum of Science and Industry yesterday for the Charlie Brown and the great Exhibit. It was great. After that I went to the Visitors center at Cultural Center and picked up some travel stuff they had one for the Exhibit I saw. and that what inspired the page. Background are different blues craft paints for the sky and a grass green craft paint for the grass. the snowflakes are by Graphic 45 Nutcracker sweet stamps. The words are from different alpha stickers from my stash.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

NaNoJouMo day 4

Todays prompt is "Walk this way" It not a G song. :) So I was looking through all my magazine images and books looking for somebody walking. Didn't find anything I liked. So I then went to my  binder where I have all my images stamped. I saw some Halloween stamps and the idea hit me! Went searching for the image and this is what I came up with! :D

Letters are by Pink Pasislee Snow Day. Film Strip stamp is by Viva Las Vegastamps! Also used Neon green SEI tumble Dye

Saturday, November 3, 2012

NaNoJouMo day 3

Today prompt is "Paint it Black" by Rolling Stones.  Page I used started out with butterflies tissues i glued on the page, then i painted the page green. Well it looks a whole lot different now! Used black water color paint, water down black craft paint. black craft paint. Then i used the Brick stencil My friend sent me (love it) and molding paste. Then some sprays(lindy's Screamin banchee black and Raven Glimmer mist) and the some SEI black spray, that i wanted drips but wasn't dripping so i  just brushed it on and sprayed more on it. I took some punchenilla and Magenta pearl Luminar paint. The girl is from a JC Pennys catalog. I glued her on cardboard to sturdy her when i glued it to the page. I went into Notepad (word went bye bye when my computer got cleaned out) and wrote 2 lines of the song.