Thursday, May 31, 2012

ATC challenge

Last week while watching Dede making her journal she was going through her bits and pieces of scrapbook scraps to glue in her book. She asked if anyone wanted to do an challenge and make a couple of atcs with whatever she sent you. I took the challenge. Yesterday I got the envelope full of gooides. This is what I got.

In the pile is 2 blank atc cards. 

This is ATC #1

I took the picture of the outdoor cafe that was in the pile. cut the access paper off. glued it with matte medium. After it dried, I painted the rest of the white atc with black craft paint. I stamped some music notes from Viva Las Vegastamps! in gold by Brillance. I stamped the woman on the bike in Memento black ink pad. and colored it with crayola pencils. Used Miracle tape to attach her to the ATC.The monkeys on the bike is a playing card. I fussy cut them out and put foam tape on it. I then stamped "We are not like others" and "get crazy" on white cardstock and cut them out and glued them glossy accents. I took black soot distress ink  and with a water brush painted the ink on the words. I did back the atc with another piece of white card stock.

Here is #2

I took the strip of scrapbook paper in the envelope o stuffs and stuck it on the atc with Miracle tape. I then took light green craft paint and painted the atc. I took the brick wall stamp stamped it around the atc. I cut out the door that was in the envelope. I did cut some of the extra stuff off.  The circle of scrapbook paper was also in the envelope and attached that behind the door and used miracle tape on them to attach it to the atc. I fussy cut the peacock and used foam tape on her and attached it to the atc. I cut off the rest of the tail that was hanging off the atc. I stamped "Add a little whimsy to your life" on white cardstock in black menento ink pad. cut it out and glued it with gloss accents. I painted it with crushed olive distress ink pad and a water brush.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


So Thursday, I was watching Dede make a journal to throw little bits and pieces on it and paint and whatever to it. The book was easy to put together. So I thought "hey I can do that!" And So I did. not right away though. lol I did it last night.

The Covers are part of a Scrabble board that i cut up to 6 x 6 at one time to make a type of book, that never panned out. I trimmed the boards up a bit. They are about 5 x 6. The spine I used the 2 pieces that I cut from trimming the covers. I just clued them to a piece of cardboard. The papers are World Traveler by Teresa Collins. The front cover I wanted for the back cover and vise versa for the back cover.:P When I duct taped the spine to the covers It made the back the front and the front the back covers. :P opps.

pages are 90lb Water color paper by artist loft. I cut the papers into 10 x 6. folding the 10 inches in half. The signatures are 4 of them and I threw in one of cut off in there. There are 4 signatures. I took some rubber bands and slipped then in the middle pages and slipped them in the book. easy binding no sew. :P not ready for that yet. one day. LOL I want to take my tim Holtz distressing took and distress the edges.

Dont know what I'm going to use it for. My first thought to use some of my old stickers that I have in my stash, but I'm thinking of useing this as practice  my drawing faces. :/ I will be making another one. Hopefully a bit bigget and using kraft cardstock or maybe even a mix of papers, to use the stickers.

So what to do with all the extra pieces that I cut off to make the book? make another book of course!

This one is 3 by 2 1/2.  the covers are corrugate from a box that i was sent something in. I cut up 2 of the flaps. paper is Basic Grey out of print. 

The pages are 10 inch strips. I folded them in half and then took each of the halves and folded them to the middle fold. Makeing 4 panels. There are 2 pages in each signature and  signatures. Again I used the rubber bands to attach them to the book covers.

Friday, May 25, 2012

ATC's featuring Mary Vogel Lozinak images

Hi and welcome to the Viva Las Vegastamps! Link Up! Blog Hop! Hope you are all are enjoying everyone who is playing along and linking their projects featuring the images of Mary Vogel Lozinak! You are playing along too(if you have any Mary Vogel Lozinak images that Viva Las Vegastamps!carries! :) Here is all the info for the hop! 
You all are invited to participate in all the fun too.
 All you have to do is create a project using
 any Mary Vogel Lozinak image from Viva Las Vegastamps! for a chance to win one of NINE coupons to Viva Las Vegastamps! We ask that you post the project to your own blog/facebook/flickr etc.. Make sure Viva Las Vegastamps is mentioned somewhere in your post/description.. and go HERE to link up your post!
 (In the link list at the bottom of the post) 
Be sure to visit EVERY link as there are some prizes hidden on certain blogs! 
Prizes up for grabs : 7 - $10 coupons to be given away to random comments on seven different blogs. 
1 - $25 coupon given randomly to one person who links a project up! and 
1 - $25 coupon to a random comment on the VLVS! blog.

 Now onto my project for the hop.

These ATC's were little happy accidents. I wanted to play with resist with clear embossing powder with alcohol inks on photo paper. I know they say you are not to use alcohol inks on photo papers (this is probably why) but you have to bend the rules. and I got a happy accident while in the process of playing around.

What you will need:
  • photo paper
  • alcohol inks and applicator
  • rubber stamps
  • clear embossing ink pad
  • ultra high gloss embossing powder 
  • heat gun
  • black ink pad
  • brayer
  • moist paper towel or baby wipe
  • sprays
I alcohol ink up a bunch of backgrounds few days back. that way they can dry and the embossing powder doesn't stick so much. when you get to that step.

Next I took one of my Mary Vogel Lozinak stamps and inked it up in the clear embossing ink pad and stamped it a few times. You want an image that is either a solid stamp or an image with a little detail to it, bit not a lot of tiny details to it. I then poured the Ultra High gloss embossing powder on it and blast it with the heat gun. The Ultra high gloss is a lot finer than UTEE and gets a lot of the details of your images. I know it is hard to see in the picture below as it is clear embossing powder. :)

The next step is ink up your brayer with a black ink pad. I used Memento. And I don't think this step is necessary, but when I was first playing around this is what I did , as this is how you do the clear resit technique, or this is how I was taught.

Now this is how the happy accident happened. I took a baby wipe or a moist paper towel and was trying to wipe off some of the black ink that got onto the embossed image, and when I was doing that, the black ink and the alcohol ink was coming off around the embossed images. giving it kinda  grungy type look. depending how much you take off some you will get different looks. but what is left is the embossed image that has the alcohol ink underneath it. Now it will be sticky when you are wiping things off. It is photo paper after all, not normal glossy cardstock. But it will dry and will no longer be sticky.

Next I took some sprays and spritz a little bit hear and there and took my finger and spread it around. if it got on the emboss image just take your baby wipe or paper towel and carefully wipe it off. if you take up some of the spray off the paper just put more on. If you see scratches on it as our playing with the spray due to your finger nails, its okay, just put more spray on it. Play around with it Til you are happy.

For my ATC's I took a couple of the sentiments that were on the plates I have gotten and stamped them white cardstock in Black ink. I used glossy accents to glue them down. they were too white so I took warn lipstick and tumbled glass on the craft sheet. spritz some water on the craft sheet and painted the color onto the words. 

Products used:
alochol inks
Memento ink pad
brayer by ranger
photo paper
Glossy accents
Warn Lipstick distress ink pad
Tumble Glass Distress ink pad
Clear embossing ink pad
various sprays

Viva Las Vegastamps! products:

Fat Fish in high Heels
Fish on a box
A fish out of water
Plate 1398
Plate 1383
Ultra high gloss embossing powder

postcard challenge week 21

This week Tommy went to England. home of the Beatles! You know I had to do my postcard on them. :
I used matte medium and glued on the Union Jack tissue on the postcard. then I cut one 2 of the currency tissue, and glued that on to it. Thanks Julia! :D I then printed a pic of the Beatles and cut them out and glued them on the postcard.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't dull your sparkle canvas

Tomorrow is the Viva Las Vegastamps! Link Up! Blog Up! at Viva Las Vegastamps! blog, featuring the images by Mary Vogel Lozinak. I have been having so much fun using her images! Here is a little taste of what is to come for the blog hop!

Today My project is a canvas. Its 5 x 7 flat board canvas, That I got at Blick's. The first layer is a napkin. Napkins are so fun to play with and come in so many fun designs! I took the plain white layer off revealing the pattern. Most cases napkins come in 2 ply but some times they are 3 ply. So be sure to check before gluing down, otherwise the top layer,the pattern, will not be glued down to what ever you are gluing to. I glued the napkin using matte medium. "or you can use modge podge in matte.

After that dried I took some Alcohol inks in Watermelon, Sail boat Blue, and Citrus and dripped some of each color along the top edge of the canvas. Then I took a little spritz bottle that had some 91% rubbing alcohol in it. Then spritz some of that on the canvas causing the inks to run down and dripped. I moved the canvas around and added some more and did the same thing, til I was happy with what I saw. I learned this technique from one of my online friends, Barb. the I let the canvas dry.

I took a tree mask that was given on a RAK. I Sponged some gesso around the tree. i placed the ask in a couple of places, but I didn't like it. so, i put the mask back to where I first placed it and put gesso around the whole thing. That's what fun about playing with canvas. If you don't like something, or you mess up, you just paint or gesso over it. :) I kept the mask on where it was and did a layer of yellow craft paint. After that dried I used a little bit of yellow StarBright paint with a pallet knife and then wiped it around the canvas. It left a nice glittery effect. Of course its a pain to photograph with the glitter. :/ but it looks great in person! Here it is when the background is all done!

No matter how many times I took pictures of this I could never capture what it looked like in real life. but this shot is the closest I got! You can see the napkin I used in the tree. and some of the alcohol inks I used too.  

Now time to add the focal point to the canvas. I chose the peacock from plate 1398. I stamped him on tissue paper with Black Versafine ink pad. stamping with Versafine shows the fine details in this fab stamp!I glued it to the canvas using matte medium, careful not to tear the tissue. I then stamped on white cardstock the sentiment that is also on the same plate "Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle." I thought it went great with the all the sparkle from the glitter paint. I cut apart the sentiment and glued the pieces down with Glossy Accents.  

I LOVE how this canvas turned out. I did take a little dab of craft paint and watered it down and with my finger painted over the image so that the white of the tissue didn't stand out so much. I know the pictures can not show the sparkle or the colors too well. I've been taking tons of picture of this piece in both day light and        
well...not night light. lol but more when the sun goes down and all is on is a bedroom light. And playing with the camera settings. Its been driving me insane! I really need to make a light box. :P 

Products used:
5x7 canvas
craft paint
alcohol inks
tissue paper

So if you like this project using Mary Vogel Lozinak be sure to join us for the Link Up! Blog Hop! This weekend! At Viva Las Vegastamps! blog

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dr. Scholl's for her buzz campaign

If you don't know already know from a couple you tube video's or a couple old blog post. I am a member of It has been a while since my last campaign so I deiced to sign up for the Dr. Scholl's for her campaign. I got the kit today. this is what I got.

I know this is for high heel shoes...and I do not wear high heels. I knew the campaing was for women, i just didnt know that these were for high heel shoes. :P I'm hoping I can stick the insoles in my sneakers. so be on the look out for a future blog post about these. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

oh la la atc

I'm in an ATC  one on one swap and for the month of May the theme is pets.I looked through my pet stamps by Viva Las Vegas and picked the poodle with glasses.

 I stamped her in white cardstock. Colored her in pink color pencil, because it is from ME and my fav color is pink! :) I did color the bow in a purple and  even did the rims of the glasses in silver. took a Q-tip and Goo gone and blended my coloring. The base is from a note card that I got. I didn't know what else to do. Then thought if the Eiffel Tower. i first looked at Madison ave.collection by my minds eye, but they thetower wasn't the right size. So I looked the other MME pad I have Union Square and used that one. I've been hording....I mean treasuring these pads. It kinda hurt a little to cut into that paper just to use the Eiffel Tower. lol When I laid the tower in the base, the dots on the base looked too white. So I took Vintage photo and antique linen distress inks over it. I attached the tower to the base and glossy accent it. just to give it some dimension, i use foam mount tape on the poodle. The letters I got at a thrift store. Got a bag full of alphas for $2.50! I got tons of letters in there. Couldn't pass up that deal. I glued them down and used glossy accents on them too.

Hope my swap partner likes the atc!

products used:
recycle note card
Poodle with glasses stamp by VLVS
paper by my minds eye
alphas by making memories
glossy accents
miracle tape
foam tape

Thursday, May 10, 2012

mother's day

Mother's day is around the this Sunday. I made my mom a Mother's day card. I made my own background paper for the card.I used scraps, tissue paper, paint, stencils and of course stamps! After I made 2 sheets of background paper I cut them up into atc size (2 1/2 x 3 3 1/2) and postcard size (4x6) to use as starters. Then I realized I forgot to take pictures of what they look like BEFORE I cut them up. Opps! :P I made another collage sheet to give you an idea of what it looks like before you cut it up.

Here I used a peice of 8 1/2 by 11 white card stock, glued all the papers and tissue paper with matte medium. Then I used craft paint and if some of the paint got onto the paper too much, I just took a baby wipe ( or a moist paper towel if you don't have or ran out of baby wipes) and wiped up some of the paint. After it dried I used some stencils in craft paint. Last step Is I stamped some images lover the papers. The purple one I used the grape leaves, eye and brow, and poodle with glasses stamps.  The green ones I used Frog in flowers and Greetings Frog stamps. After I cut everything up I went around the edges with black craft paint.

Now for the card! Bet you think I was never going to show it! ;)

I When I cut down the purple sheet I cut a couple in 4 x6 size. I used this one for the card. I used a Kraft card stock for the card base. I used miracle tape To attach the light purple scrapbook paper to the card base. I then attached my background paper to that using the miracle tape. My mom LOVES Las Vegas! Well my dad does too. They have gone there at least once a year for like forever. When I was looking at the stamps I saw this Slot machine winner, I thought of my mom and had to get it and use it on something for her, either for mothers day or birthday (or both!) Colored the image with Prisma color pencils. Edged the sides with Black soot distress ink. Mounted it with the Miracle tape. It needed something, so added 3 little pearl drops on 2 of the corners.  

Also May 26 is the Link up Blog hop Featearing the stamp images by Mary Vogel Lozinak! Check the blog for details and come play with us!  some fun stuff happening! 

And  Happy Mother's day! :)

products used for the card

kraft cardstock
white cardstock
prisma color pencils
black menento ink pad
miracle tape
craft paints
pearl bling
collage material

stamps used
Slot machine winner
grape leaves

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

little froggy tag

Here is a little tag (and i do mean little) I made a while back. It needed something and I just added that just a few minutes ago. :)

A friend gave me this little tag, which is 3 1/4 by 1 3/4. Used  2 different sheets of paper from Safari Chic stack by DCWV. Stamped the Frog in flowers. Colored them with color pencils and then fussy cut the frog and the flowers. I left it at that. Then tonight I looked at it again, and it needed something so I stamped "dream" and "imagine" from plate 1383stamps by Mary Vogel Lozinak, On white cardstock. Then used forest Moss and crushed olive Distress inks with a water brushed. I am having so much fun playing with these stamps! Be sure to check out the Link up! Blog Hop! on May 26th! Cant wait to show you what I made!

Don't forget to check the Viva Las Vegastamps! blog for the monthly challenge. for the month of May the theme is Flowers. So make a card using Viva Las Vegastamps! image, blog it, and link it up to the blog under the monthly challenge tab.