Saturday, June 29, 2013

ICAD day 29

another one that I did a while back

 the background is a card base that was rak'ed t me. The black is fuzzy. The family watching tv is from a book that I took apart last year. the sentiment is from an old VLVS! catalog back when they had hard copy catalogs.(now with SOOOO many stamps its hard to do that. :P)

Friday, June 28, 2013

ICAD day 28

This one I did a couple weeks back. Going to be dog sitting for all of July for my aunt and uncle and leaving today to stay there. Won't have much supplies with me. So I wanted to get some extra done before I left. I didn't get as many done ahead of time I would of like. but I'm hoping to get at least a month worth of them done for this month. :)

Some paper that I had spray on it. The happy bunny and the words were a valentine card that i cut up and glued on there.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

ARC June read

This month I read False Impressions by Terri Thayer. Its the 3rd book in the series called Stamping   Sisters Mystery. It not about sisters who stamp. the stamping sisters is like Stampin' Up! or Close to my Heart. At home parties.

The main character is April. She moved back to her home town after she divorced her husband. She lives in a barn that her dad and his partner, Vince, renovated that is close to her dad's home. In the second book Vince's  parents lost their home and moved in to the barn with April. April is now itching to get a place of her own. She got into rubber stamping from her friend Deana and introduced her to some other women in the group. One, Rocky, is a demonstrator for Stamping Sisters. And April has been dating Rocky's brother Mitch for 6 months.

Now that's the back story of the 2 books. lol In this book April learns that the brother of Mary Lou (a fellow stamping Sister) faked his own death, and is alive and well, from Kit (Mary Lou's daughter) Only to be in a car accident that's wasn't really an accident. The brother was involved with Meth of sorts. He never took it but he was buy supplies for it to be made.  Besides trying to solve the murder April has been looking for a place of her own, as she wanted some privacy and she hasn't really lived on her own. And she helps Mitch with ice carving for the ice carving festival, and make card samples for th festival for the stamping sister's booth.

This book had a lot of twists and turns to it. What I read in the last couple of chapters were a shock to read. It was fun little read. At the end of the book there is instructions on how to make a card.

For the art for the book was a tuff for me. The plot of the book I didn't want to do. I decided to sort of play up with the title of the book "False Impressions". I took a stencil and used spray on it. The i took some molding paste and spread some on the page and took some stamps and stamped it into the molding paste. Then i cleaned off the stamp right away! After the molding paste dried I did more spraying with Espresso color wash. I just got the the Dyluson sprays and I was playing with the white linin on other pages with a square stencil and I flipped it onto the page not to waste the ink. I then went through my alpha letters that i had gotten at a thrift store. I keep forgetting about them. I glued different type of letters to spell out the title.

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 Above is a video of Effy's book of days class for the second session. She is having a give away for 3 open spots for this session, that starts July 1st.


Was just playin around. I glued down more sprayed paper towel. Glued down the flower from a magazine. added a litte home made washi tape. dripped some water down white and black craft paints. stamped some circles using a bandage tape roll with white craft paint.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

playing with paper dolls

I was recenting Rak'ed the original 6 Julie Nutting dolls (and other goodies) and then I ordered from Molly's square the new set of 6 of the Julie Nutting dolls. I got both packages on the same day. Since Then I have been having fun playing with them. The last 2 days I have used all of them once. lol and I used my scraps that I have been saving. The papers I used were the create collection by recollection, Tim Hlotz Lost and found, Tim Holtz travel line, Tim holt retro grunge, Retro collage by Recolection, DCWV Tatter Times, DCWV Retro Mod, and Graphic 45 Nutcracher Suite. Oh and the Rock Star Stack by DCWV.

I stamped the girls on dictionary pages. Though the one with the big ball gown I stamped on a book page. I colored them with Artist loft Watercolors and Pearlesent water colors.

ICADS 25&26

Day 25

I glued down some flowers from the tatter floral die that someone dice cut on book paper and sent me. Painted them once dried with water down black craft paint. Sprayed some moon shadow mist from Lindy's stamp gang and the hot pink S.E.I. tumble die spray. I also prayed the pink spray on the demin flower. Poked a hole in the center and put the peace brad through the flower. Glued the flower with Helmar 450 quick dry. 

Day 26

Glued music paper on the page. Then painted a teal on top. spitz with water then moped up with a rag. Stamped the lizard from VLVS! and wrote "Here Lizard Lizard lizard"

Monday, June 24, 2013

ICAD day 24

I used more paper towel for this one. The prompt for this one was quote. I used a quote from Dr. Seuss in a Dr. Seuss font. :P

Sunday, June 23, 2013

ICAD day 22 and 23

Day 22- I had some sprays on a paper towel. I pulled the layers apart. glued the paper towel with the claudine hellmuth multi medium. Sprayed the  owl wooden embellishment with Teal dylsuion spray. on scrap piece of paper that had spray on it from the owl. i wrote "give a hoot don't pollute!"

 Day 23- The background i used painters tape and brown craft paint. then after the tape was lifted i traced the outline with black bic pen. I painted what was white with pink craft paint. The prompt I used was your name in block print. I used a font because my lettering isn't that great. (just like my drawing. lol) and then I put a bird on it, just because. :P

Saturday, June 22, 2013

ABAC Challenge 22: Lets Get Messy!

The new challenge over at Anything but a card is about gettin messy! So get out those Sprays, paints, inks etc and get playing!

My project is a canvas that I picked up at an Estate sale. This is what it looked like before:

I liked the size of it. And I didn't pay $4 for it. It was 1/2 off day when I got it. There were 2 of these. While working on it I thought I should of picked up the other one. lol 

This is what it looks like now

I did 2 layers of Gesso of the canvas and the sides. I then picked out some craft paint. Used the bluse as the base. The dimonds you see are from what was wraped around a wine bottle I got earlier this year. I looked at and thought it would be cool to use. I added some drips and splots of black, pink and white craft paints. Then I did something I didn't like and did THE WHOLE THING OVER! The result is the background is what you see now. and let me tell you I got messy!  I work infront of my computer and my poor monitor had spatters of white splots on it.

The Dress form is a die cut that a friend sent me(I now have the die on clearance from Hobby Lobby. LOL) I first put paper on it and then did the drips and splots like the canvas. Then added the three dew drops at the weist. Glued it on the canvas, then that it looked horrible and got out the black craft paint and painted it in two coats. you can still see the drips if you look closely. lol 

I painted the sides of the canvas a couple times. I finally broke out the Wild orchid Crafts flowers that Natasha and Sarah sent me. Hot glued them to the canvas. The sentiment is from Viva Las VegaStamps!. Edged the sides with Salted Ocean. Glued it with Gloss accents. 

Hope you all play in this new challenge over at ABAC! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

ICAD day 21

This one I used some Dylusion sprays on an envelope, but I thought it was too dark to write the address. So I cut it up and glued it on a Rolodex card. I had these stickers from Paper House on art, that I suck on there. not very creative, but they all can't be winners. :P

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ICAD day 20

The prompt I used was definition. I took a dictionary page and tore tp pieces and glued them on the page withe the multi medium by Claudine Hellmuth. Once dried I painted the card with water down  pink craft paint. I had a couple of empty spools that had bandage tape and Mircale tape. I used black craft paint and stamped it on the card. Then I cut out the definition of definition. :P Course I managed to get a dot of black paint on it. :(

Icad day 19

Used the Crafter's workshop stencil of Cosmic bubbles and sprayed Dylusions sprays in London blue and crushed grape.  Then I took some punchenllia with big holes and used molding paste and glass bead gel. After it all dried, I sprayed some Lindy's Stamp Gang Screaming Banchee Black and made it drip. I used Luminare paint in silver and lightly put some over the dots. Notice that the blue went through the molding paste, and the purple didn't. 

The sentiments I have been using in the past 3 ICAD cards were from Julia. I just cut them apart and glued them with Glossy accents.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Icad 18

I did this Rolodex card After I saw Mandy's youtube video where she did her ICAD ala Finn. I thought I try to do Finn style on a Rolodex card. Used drywall tape,buttons light bulb, a wooden embellishment by prima and used some glass bead gel. Sprays I used SEI Tumble dye spray in hot pink, inkadinkado yellow spray ink, Lindy's stamp gang Screaming banchee black, and Moon Shadow Mist Phantom Fushisa. Also used bronze craft paint.

Monday, June 17, 2013

I cads 14,-17

day 14
Played with some of my new dylusions sprays

Day 15
Baby wipe that had paint on it. glued it onto a Rolodex card. sprayed a stencil and stamped some flowers. Stamped roller skate on paper that was sprayed a while back. Stamps are from MME My Girl collection. 

 Day 16
Playing with more  dylusion sprays. Couldn't find the muddle puddles for the sand, so used the corse pumice gel, colored it. Stamp is from VLVS! and added 3 dew drops as shells

Day 17
I just stuck postage stamp stickers all over the Rolodex card. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pure Imagination

I had 3 or 4 pages left in my small Staphmore Visual journal, so I took them out and did some backgrounds with the Melted Crayon technique. Just to have some backgrounds. This is one of the pages I did the background.

The crayons I used were magenta, a yellow and a green yellow. I took used some white craft paint over a tree mask. When it dried you can see some of the magenta crayon coming through the paint. Really cool! When it dried I took a black Bic pen and outlined the tree. I stamped the Unicorn on white cardstock with the black Menento ink pad. Colored him in with the metallic color pencils by Faber-Castell.  I attached him on the page with Miracle tape. The unicorn needed a friend so I took one of the wood embellishments pieces by Prima, colored both sides with yellow craft paint(I didn't know which way the birdie wanted to face). Glued him using Aileen's tacky. I used the "Pure imagination"stamp for the page. When I got this stamp I cut the words apart, it is easier for me to use it this way. Yes I know the 'P' in Pure is cut off. I was kinda ticked when I pulled the stamp up. But I'm going to let it go and say its part of the process of art journaling.

Stamps used

Items used
Staphmore visual journal Mixed media paper
Crayola crayons
Craft iron
White craft paint
Tree mask
Bic pen
Black Menento ink pad
Metallic color pencils
Prima wood embellishment

This is my last Viva Las VegaStamps Design Team project for this term. I am trying out for the next term. It's a blast working for this company, and working with some amazing talented artists on this team. If I do not make it for the next term I want to thank DeeDee for all her hard work she does for us, and letting be on this awesome team.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

ICads days 11,12, 13

Day 11

 Some of the spray off paper that I glued onto a rolodex card. The prompt I used was Circus. I looked everywhere in my stash of collage fodder and found nothing. I then looked at my papers and saw this one form the Lost and Found collection by Tim Holtz. Fussy cut the elephant out. and glued it on the page with Helmar Craft and hobby PVA glue. The circus defination is from the dictionary. I added some more white spray.

Day 12
Spray off paper. Spamped the chevron washi background from VLVS! the people are from a magazine. and the sentiment was from an old VLVS catalog. :)

Day 13
I just got my Dylusion sprays yesterday. So I was playing with them last night. I was trying this technique that I saw on youtube. where you take a stencil and gesso and paint it on. then you add the dylusions sprays. Then wipe off where you put the gesso revealing the white gesso. Well as you can see it was somewhat of a flop, but still kinda cool.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ICAD days 9 and 10

Here are the last 2 days of ICAD

Day 9
The papers was what was from when I was spraying another project. I glued a bunch of rolodex cards to the paper when it dried, for starters. lol The camera is from Viva Las VegaStamps! 

Day 10

I glued a map of Michgan Ave. on the Rolodex with the glue and stick. Nice stuff, but why does it have to cost so much for a 1 oz jar. LOL Though I got it on clearance at Micheal's for  99 cents.  :D Anyway, After it dried I put some arrow stickers from Hedi Swapp, and I found some stickers from SRM stickers from a long time ago. I did cut it apart so it would fit on the card.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

melted crayon fun

Last year I showed an ATC I made using the Melted crayon technique that I learned how to do from Martha,Seeking for Art. Today I'm going to show you 2 more ATC's I did recently with the melted crayon technique, this time using Kromecote.

I wanted to see if the Melted crayon technique would work using Kromecote. So, I started playing around with it. I did 2 ATC's using both sides of the Kromecote. The glossy side (left side) and the matte side(right side). You can see the different results I got.

I'll start with the left one. The glossy side

I stamped on the Kromecote with the Brick background stamp with Black Versafine ink pad. Because I stamped on the glossy side The ink is still very wet, so I embossed with the Ultra High gloss embossing powder. Yes, more experimenting. After it was embossed I  took some crayons in blue hues and with my craft iron melted the crayons and wiped them on the Kromecote. When I was done I heated the back of the atc to get the way hot. I turned it back around to wipe off the wax. But I was starting to wipe off the color off as well(even some of the embossing). So I left it alone. i like dhow it looked anyway. I stamped the Boy in cape on white cardstock. and colored him in with my Prisma's. I used foam tape to put him on the ATC. I stamped the all my Heroes sentiment and cut the words apart and glued with glossy accents because there is wax where I was putting the words at I had to hold there a little bit to make sure it didn't pop off. 

Now to the Matte side

I stamped the Harlequin Diamond background with the black Versafine ink pad. I used magenta and purple crayons with my craft iron. I turned the paper over to heat the way. then I took a paper towel and wiped the wax off leaving the color.

On white cardstock I stamped with Black Achrival ink pad the Writing Arrow, coffee pot inn. I painted them with my Pearlesent water colors. The arrow smudged a little, but I was fine with that. I used Miracle tape to the coffee pot on the ATC. The arrow I made it like a tree and used foam tape to put it on the ATC. I stamped the A morning without coffee sentiment. and cut out the words. Glued them on with glossy accents. 

Stamps used
brick background
Boy in cape
all my heroes
Harlequin Diamond background
Coffee pot inn
A morning without coffee

Items used
Miracle tape
Black Archival ink pad
Black Versafine ink pad
crayola crayons
foam tape
glossy accents
pearlesent water colors
water brush

Saturday, June 8, 2013

ABAC Challenge 21-dear old dad

The New Challenge over at Anything but a card challenge blog is Masculine or remembering dad. I had to sit and think about this one, but I came up with something.

The journal page is done in my Staphmore Visual Journal 5 1/2 x 8. I took a circle plastic canvas and sprayed some black SEI tumble dye spray on the page. I then took some punchenllia and sprayed SEI tumble dye in sky blue. Finally I took silver paint and painted bubble wrap and stamped it on th page. I also did some drips of the blue spray and silver paint.

I looked through some old pictures of my dad like these. I copied them on the printer. At first I did a transfer with the Claudine Hellmuth multi medium but didn't like how it turned out. So reprinted the pictures and used the multi medium to glue them down on the page. The 2 smaller pictures are when my dad was 2 and a half. Think the other picture he is 4. My grandfather owned an archery store, so my dad did archery when he was a kid, I even dabbled in it when I was little. After the glued dried I used Distress crackle paint in rock candy and painted over the pictures. I wanted arrows and didn't find any in the colors I wanted. The arrows you see are stickers from Hedi Swap and were pink, green and yellow. So i stuck themn on a piece of paper, cut them out, and then painted them place a couple of coats. I then glued them on the page and then added some me crackle paint. I looked up a Robin hood quote from the Disney  move. found one and typed it up and printed it. 

Hope you guys go over to ABAC challenge blog and play along!

ICAD 7 and 8

Here are the ICAD's from Yesterday and today

ICAD day 7

 ICAD day 8

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Icad day 5 and 6

Here are the ICAD's well Rolodex cards from yesterday and today

A friend of mine gave the roll of shelf liner. i cut a small piece off and used as my background on here. I cut Lucy and Ethel from a playing card. Stamped Woot! on white cardstock The arrows are from Hedi Swapp 

I had left over black paint from a project so i used it on here. Used Wild plum Color wash on a Stencil by Andy Skinner. Then I took a pasiley stencil with some molding paste. Added a sticker and called it done! :D

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ICAD Day 4

I tried a transfer with craft paint. came out ok. Just like all other kind of transfers with gel or matte medium its a hit or miss. LOL this one is a learning curve. Grunged it up with paint and sprays. The sentiment is one of the ones my Friend Julia sent me. :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Icad day 3

Icad day one and 2

Well its that time of year again for ICAD(index card a day) that Tammy from Daisy Yellow hosts the past few years. Its simple just do a little art on an index card for the next 2 months(June and July). You can either do the prompt she has for the date or week or go off on your own. Last year I came in late and was trying to catch up, but I got burned out when i was doing a bunch in a day.

I deiced to do Rolodex cards instead of index cards. I have a bunch of Rolodex cards from when I bought a Rolodex that had the cards still in it, and cards were in a bag at Savers. This way I can use the cards for addresses for my Rolodex. :) I did start a day late so I did 2 yesterday. :)

The sentiments are from VLVS! from when they had a print catalog way back in the day. :) I had cut stuff in the catalog way back when to use for collages or such. :)