Saturday, May 13, 2017

VLVS! may challenge: Look Mum

So new month...okay 13 days into a new month,. and a new monthly challenge over on the VLVS! blog. I deiced to play this month. I did a small page in my junk journal. It was rough start, but I liked how it came out in the end.

I had started out by gluing some lace trim onto the envelope(I glued trim to some other pages in my junk journal that day.) a few days before just because. I had also put down some blue craft paint on the page, as I had little of that paint left.  When I went to pick a page to do for the challenge I chose this one. When I first started working on the page,  I used some America craft paint in turquoise on the page. Then added some grays and a stencil. I  did some stamping and stuff, the page was too dark, and I wasn't happy. 

So out came the white paint and painted over everything again. I did use big bubble wrap and the turquoise paint, but wasn't getting the effect I wanted. the bubbles weren't showing up. I have this 12x12 sheet of circles from when I used my silhouette I used that with the turquoise and graphite craft paints(both by Americana). While those were drying  stamped the Dali image and the sentiment on a piece of index card. Glued them to the page. I took a turquoise Neo ii and painted his spray can. I liked how this came out much better.