Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I got the Blues

On June 8th I went to Chicago Blues Fest in Grant Park. I normally don't go to this fest, but I knew one of the bands that was playing. So I went. A couple days before I went downtown to The Art Institute of Chicago to see the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit (which was totally cool!). I know this has nothing to do with the blues, but I''m getting there. I was way early for the Art Institute to open. So to kill time i went to the visitors center to see what if they had any brochures on the exhibit. They didn't but i did find something on the Blues fest. So i took a couple of them. One to mail out to a friend, and one for me to art with.

I cut out the Chicago Blues Festival out. I also cut out the piano keys and the skyline and the dates of the fest. I glues them down with matte medium by Blick's. The guitar is from an ad in a magazine. The ad was for Las Vegas! :P But I thought the guitar would go perffect with the blues page. I took the colors for the page off the lettering. I first did black craft paint. and if the paint got on the images I just took a baby wipe to wipe it off. when that dried I took two different orange craft paints and spread that around the page with the baby wipe that was somewhat dried but not totally. I had gotten a map of the fest that also had the line up of the 3 day fest so I made a tip in. I used the crease that was already made as where I wanted to glue it to the page. 

The comes the stamping. I used the harmonicamusic notes and the Guitar and stamped them in Galaxy Gold Brilliance ink pad. I don't have a good white ink pad. And the gold seem to do the job on the page. 

Items used:
Black craft paint
Med. orange craft paint
orange craft paint
Galaxy Gold Brilliance ink pad
matte medium

Stamps used

Life's a beach!

This journal page is done on the Mix Media staphmore Visual Journal. The Picture is from when I did a matte medium transfer for a postcard a few weeks ago. I really liked how the paper turned out after the transfer was done(kinda distressed and warn.) so I just glued it to the journal. There was some left over spray on this page if look closely at the picture. I sloshed some paint around  the picture. The stamp of the Beach buddies is from Viva Las Vegastamps! that was going to used in a project but was not meant to be.So, I put it on here. The title is using Alpha stickers. I lined the letters with bic pen. I also glued down the stickers too so it will stick better. finally I took Black soot distress ink pad to distress the edges.

Entering this in the Simon Says Stamps and Show For the Distress challenge. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More ATC fun!

As i said before I am having a blast playing with the Mary Vogel Lozinak I got from Viva Las Vegastamps! I made these ATC's with them.

I got this idea from when I was watching someone open their Secret Sister box swap and one of the ATC's that the person made for her "sister" had all kind of ribbon running across it. I thought it was cool and wanted to try it myself.

I first took a half of black cardstock and half a sheet of Miracle sheet tape. Its the same Miracle tape that is on a roll but in a 8 1/2 by 11 sheet. perfect for this sort of thing. I took one protective layer of the Miracle sheet off. I put the black cardstock on it. The flipped it over and took the other later off. I have a bunch of ribbons and trims that I got in at a thrift store and given to me in a RAK. I just put them on dianglelly on the half sheet. then trimmed them. The cut them down to atc size. That kinda wrecked some of the cotton trim and probably my  I kinda saved some of them, but not all. I then took out another piece of black cardstock and trimmed that piece to atc sizes. Then put those on another piece of the Miracle sheet tape and cut those out by and and peeled the other backing and pit more trim on those. I then cut off the access trims.

I then picked out a few images from plates 1383 and 1398. Stamped the words right onto the atc base. I stamped the other images on white cardstock on Memento black ink pad. Pained them with Pearlesent watercolors. cut them out and they were a little too white and didn't want to trim them up so I took Black soot Distress ink pad and stamped on the craft sheet and wet it and used it as a water color on where the white was. I did a couple layers on that. Attached them to the ATC with glossy accents. It needed something else so Added 3 dew drops on each atc.

Products used:
Stamps used:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thinking of you

Here is a quick card I made using scraps from a project I was doing.

Kraft cardstock base. I took 2 scraps of scrapbook paper from the Retro Collage by Recollections and layered them over each other using Miracle tape. I stamped the Hippocrates hippo in black versafine ink pad. I colored him with Prisma's colored pencils. I popped him with foam tape. The letters I gotten in a big bag of alphas of all shapes and sizes at a thrift store. I think they are by Making Memories or K & Co. I spelled out "thinking of you" it still needed something so I added 6 pink bling 3 on each side. 

Itemes used:
Kraft cardstock
Retro Collage by Recollection 
Bling by Recollection
alpha letters by Making Memories

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6 more icads

Worked one 6 more today. Still need to finish 2 that I started Sunday. :P

Big bird and gang are from a planetarium pamphlet and the dragon fly is from another pamphlet. As soon as i glued down the dragonfly I instantly thought some something else. Luckily I had another thing of big bird and friends.

 Another pamphlet from Michigan visitors center

7 days worth of icads

The last few weeks I saw people doing the icad's (Index card a day) challenge from Dasiy Yellow. I tried to do it last year, but couldn't get into it. So I'm taking a dip this year. I did 8 of them in 1 day. then I hit the wall and stuff looked ugly, so I stopped. Hoping to get pack and do some more to get caught up soon. here are the ones I did. Some of them are prompts. one I did off my own. :P I still have to finish one of them.

Most of the things I used is from ephrema that i got from Visitors centers in Chicago and Michigan.


 this one i went off on my own





 draw your camera (a horrible drawing at that)

Sunday, June 17, 2012


A couple weeks ago I was really down and really thought about how I don't get out much as I use to anymore, and I don't have anyone to hang out with anymore. So In my sad state I did this little art journal page, using one of Mary Vogel Lozinak images that Viva Las Vegastamps! carries. I LOVE the two plates that I have of her images!

The journal I am using is Straphmore Visual journals in Mix Media paper in 3 1/2 by 5 inch size. The smaller of the journals. This is my 2nd page I've done in the journal. I like the paper. Size I'm not to sure about yet.:) 

I started with gluing some black tissue paper from a left over project with matte medium on the page. After that dried I took the brick wall stencil with some white paint.  I stamped the woman out on white cardstock with Black Versafine ink pad. Embossed it with Ultra High Gloss Embossing powder. Colored her skin and hat Mark it markers. Glued her down. I then went looking for a quote, on a quote site I go to. I found this quote by Mother Teresa. Typed it out on Word. Printed it, cut it and glued the words down. I then took a pen that was hanging around my desk and outlined the words.

Items used:
Black tissue paper
white craft paint
black craft paint
white cardstock
Versafine ink pad
black craft paint
Matte Medium

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vacation All I Ever wanted

Today you get a 2 projects in one from me! :D

I was in another one on one ATC swap last month. The Theme for June was Summer or Chunky(dimension) or both. When I saw the theme of the swap I knew which image I wanted to use. When I got my last pound of rubber and saw Beach Bunch I loved the stamp. So that's what I used. The Melting crayon technique I used for the ATC I learned from Seeking for Art. I am still learning on how to perfect it as good as she does it.

I stamped the Two Girls on boat on with black Versamark ink pad on Bristol paper by Straphmore that is ATC size. I colored it in with Prisma color pencils (I know you can't really see the color. That is the ting I'm trying to perfect). With a craft iron I took a bunch of different blue Crayola Crayons (has to be Crayola) and put a crayon on to the iron so it can melt it and just wipe it on the ATC. Once you cover the ATC with the melted crayon you turn the ATC over and you iron the back of it.  Be sure to do this on old news papers or even an outdated phone book (If you still have those around the house. LOL) After you iron the back flip it back over and with a paper towel wipe the atc. You are wiping off the wax, leaving the color. The texture is very smooth. Now You are to take a white erasure and erase where you colored the image with the prisma pencils. I do that and the color does not appear. :/  Like I said I'm still perfecting this part. For kicks I took a glitter Crayola crayon and melted that on there.

I stamped the Beach bunch on white cardstock and colored them with the prisma's. I attached it to the ATC with foam tape. It needed words. And the song Vacation by the Go-Go's popped in my head. I went into Word and typed a line from the song. And used Miracle tape to attach it.

I did do another one in yellow and orange with the Beach Bunch as the stamp image.
As you can see the color pencils showed up better. but it got a little muddy as some of the blue was still on the craft iron and I didn't clean it off good enough. I'm sending this one to my swap partner too.

Then I needed something to put the ATC's in. A couple weeks ago I was watching Musicscrp ustream show where she made a mini album using 1 sheet of 12 x 12 paper. She saw how to do the mini on a you tube video, but she changed the measurements for the scoring. which is way better than trying to figure out 8ths on a score board.. lol  

You score on 1 1/2 inches  and 6 3/4 inches. Then you turn the paper and score at 4 and 8 inches. Then on the side on the half inch you cut on the 4 inch score line up to the 6 3/4 score line. Then you turn it and on the 
6 3/4 line on the bottom you cut up to the 8 inch score line. then its all about the folding and gluing. Hoping I can explain this good. and hope the pictures help.  the piece of the paper that has 2 of the 1 1/2 inch scores on it you want to glue the ends and the middle so it can make pockets for tags. the same goes for the one piece with the other part with the 1 1/2 tab score. you want to glue that too. 

 The front cover

open the front cover. The right side is a flip. The left side is where the 2 pockets are. I added some bling to both pages

 Left side are the 2 pockets and the right is the flap flip up.

Closer look at the page. I made a belly band and stamped a cat  to go on it. This page is also a pocket page where  glued this page and the nexy page together and with a circle punch punched part of the circle out so the tag can easily go in there. 

Next page. the other side of the pocket page. Made another belly band and used another stamp.

 Last page. and the other 1 1/2 is glued down to make a pocket. and stamped another kitty.

Paper I used is Jubliee by K and Comapny. The tags I made for it was all scraps from the same line that I had. I Put the ATC's in the front 2 pockets. Hope she likes it! :)

Items used for ATC:
Bristol paper ATC size by Straphmore
Crayola Crayons
craft Iron
Black Versamark ink pad
Prisma colored pencils
paper towl
foam tape

Stamps I used for ATC

Items used for mini
K& Co. jubliee
White glue
circle or tab punch
score board
Seedless preserves Distress ink pad

Stamps used in Mini

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 cards using 1 main image

This week I made two cards using one main image. I got the stamped image of the Senior Ladies in my pound of rubber. Love them. So many sentiments you can use with them! I made 2 cards with them! I already had the card bases done a long time ago. 

I stamped these lovely ladies on white cardstock with Black versafine ink pad. My versafine ink pad is so juicy that I was able to pour the Ultra high gloss clear embossing powder on them and have it stick. Took the heat gun to it. I used Prismacolor pencils to colored them in I know you can't really see it in the pictures, because of the lighting, but my youtube video I did it shows a little better.

 After I colored them I took a Qtip and Goo Gone and blended all the coloring. Its a cheap way to blend if you can't afford or get mineral spirits. I got two bottles that are 3 ounces at Dollar Tree a long time ago. It last a really long time. I don't think I'm a quarter into the bottle. You just take your Qtip and dip into the bottle and just brush it on where you colored. 

This card I use the Sentiment "All my life I've wanted to be somebody. Now I realize I should have been more specific". Like I said I did the card bases months and months ago.  Its a white cardstock base. On a piece of scrap black cardstock I then took some scraps of basic Gray out of print collection and put that over the black.  Attached to the white card base. Stamped the sentiment on white and attached everything with Miracle tape

This card is a Kraft cardstock base and a scrap of Retro Mod stack from DCWV. The sentiment I used for this one is  "A new body for $1.87. Who wants a new body for an old one."

Products used:
craft cardstock
white cardstock
black cardstock
decorative scrapbook papers
black versafine ink pad

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Canvas for a friend

I'm writing this blog post on 6/2 and it will be posted by 6/5.

I made this canvas for a friend. The canvas is a 5x7 canvas from Blicks. I know her favorite color combo is black and white. I took some black tissue paper, crinkled it up and glued it on with Matte medium. I then took Watermelon alcohol ink and the Silver mixative and dripped them on the canvas ala Barb. :) I then took some punchenlla and sponged some white paint on it. While the paint was drying, I took a piece of paper that was RAK'ed to be by Julia. I tore it in 3 strips and glued them down. I then took Screamin' Banchie Black Starburst spray by Lindy's and sprayed that to tone done the silver in the paper. I did spray some water on it make it drip more.

I then thought it was took dark. I went through my collage stuffs and found this that I got last year from the Visitor's Center. Yeah i know its pink, and she hates pink, but it needed splash of color. Plus I liked it more than the green one for this piece. :P (that's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL) I cut her out and glued her on. It needed a quote or a sentiment. I looked through the little quote book that Julia made for me in the same RAK. Found this quote "Art is like a flower, it blooms with creativity."  and cut it to pieces and glued it on with glossy accents.

So What to do with it after it was finished. I was just going to mail it  to her just as a canvas. But last night I decied to make into one of my canvas journals (And Some day I will take good pictures of them, and put them up on my blog for sale! ) I took a mixture of papers this time. Some 90lb watercolor paper from Artist Loft, some white cardstock, and some black and Kraft cardstock by recollections. Cut them down to the 5x7 size. Punched the holes with my Crop-a-dile and used binder rings to bind. Before I mailed it off. I quicky made a back cover from a piece of a cordboard box and a road map of Chicago that I got at a thrift store.  I also backed the canvas with some of the map. 

I really hope she likes it. :)