Saturday, January 28, 2017

Munchpak mini box review.

I've been watching subscription boxes unboxings for months now. I've been wanting to to subscribe to  few for a long time, but for budget reasons, that hasn't been possible. For Christmas I was sent a visa gift card. With that I was able to get to try  couple of subscription boxes. Earlier this week I subscribed to try Munchpack. You can click on the link on the side bar on the right to check it out and subscribe. . I've been toying with getting this box for a while. Like I always do with shopping. I put a box in the cart, then took it out. Well to try to get me to get a subscription, Munchpak sent me an offer to get the Munchpak mini for 50% off. I couldn't pass that offer up, So I used the little left I had on the gift card and got the box. It shipped really quick. and with the company being in Phoenix, AZ I got it quick, like in a couple days.

Munchpack is a food subscription box. Snacks from all over the world. It come in 3 sizes Munchpak mini 5+ snacks($9.95), Munchpak original 10+ snacks($19.95), and Munchpak family that has 20+ snacks($39.95).Shipping is free. Also you get a choice of you want the box sent once a week,  2 times a month or once a month. I chose once a month. You can also personlize the box if you want. Like if you want more salty snacks or don't want spicy. BUT you get charged $1.00 for every choice you make to personalize the box. They do take all credit cards. and they say they take paypal. but when signing up for the box, I only saw the credit card option. When looking into it, if you give a a gift you can use paypal.

With each box you get a postcard one one side its shows to enter to win a free Familypak by sharing through social media. The other side says who packed the box. My box was packed by Nick, Thank you Nick!

Now for the goodies that are in the box. I did a unboxing video for YouTube but I didn't taste anything on camera. I have a thing where listening to people chew makes me crazy. Its drives me nuts, like fingernails on a chalkboard.  If I'm in a restaurant or if there like TV on or something like that I'm fine.

Ok I'm rambling and going off the trail here. Back to the snacks! I got 6 snacks in the box. I'm going to show the snacks and then take pictures of what they look like and then give my review of them.

First thing I opened form the box was this Choco Pie from Lotte.From looking the brand up to see where they are from, it looks like India. But they have production all over the world.  I've seen these at the 99 cent store, but never got them. 

This is is my favorite of the bunch. Its basically a moon pie. the cake is good, though a little dry.and the marshmallow is yummy. I like this one and would buy it if i saw it in the store. Though I need to be watching my carbs. lol

Next up are these Bissli Extreme wheat snacks by Osem. they are from Israel. 
I opened the bag and I smell hickory smoke of BBQ. Its not an in your face smell, which is god. As you can see in the picture the wheat snacks are spirals. They are very crunchy. When you fist take a bite you can taste the BBQ, but it slowly goes away once you are halfway chewing. Its not bad. They are tasty. Would I go out and buy them if I see them, probably not.

Another Lotte product is these waffle chips. I'm guess they are called Waffle Mate. At least that's what it says on the box in English. They are from Korea.

I open the box and inside there are 2 pages inside. 

There are 3 waffle cookies inside. 

They smell  good. Like vanilla. They taste pretty good. I do taste a little bit of coconut.Looking at the ingredients and there  is hydrogenated coconut oil in it. If i saw these in the store I might buy them.

Meet the Beatle! These candies are I don't know, because nothing is in English other than beatles. I'm guess this is out of Japan. And if you do a google image search, you get the band. lol 

Opening the bag I get a punch of fruit smell.Looks like the flavors from the bag are lemon, grape orange, and green apple. and I was wrong they re not like jelly beans. lol They are like Skittles. Not bad. They aren't super sour. but the lemon one has a bit of tart to it. I'm not a big Skittles fan, so I don't think I'll be buying these. but they taste pretty good.

Bubu Lubu by Ricolin. The one in my box is a strawberry gummy candy and marshmallow with a chocolate flavor coating. Okay The Chocolate flavor has me a little worried. Ths product is from Mexico. 

This one is bit off. I don't taste the strawberry. It's okay. its a thick jelly. The chocolate isn't bad. The marshmallow is okay. The aftertaste is good. 

No this one has me worried. When I first looked at in the unboxing I didn't look t it too carefully. I did think it would be spicy from the looks on the packaging.Then I saw watermelon so thatfer went away. But When taking pictures for this blog post I looked at it better. This is Hormigas by Indy. Also from Mexico. This is a Watermelon Flavor candy confited with bittersweet and spicy powder.  I don't do spicy. A little spice okay like mild salsa. So when i taste this I will have something creamy near by. lol 

okay someone hold me. LOL I opened the package and took a sniff. Don't do that. I got a wiff of some spice in the powder.

there's 7 candies in the bag. I was taking lick of this one. not liking the taste. i love watermelon candy. my favorite being the sour patch kids watermelon. nope not liking this one.

So all in all I like the box. I do wish they had an option where you can get a 3,6, or 12 month payment option like other subscription boxes. they do have that if giving it as a gift.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Canvas Corp Brand Crew: You got the write stuff

Today I made a card, using a color book page From Just add color Optical Illusions and coloring the page with Tattered Angles Plane Jane Simply Sheer in birthday. 

I put some of the color in the Tim Holtz Ink Palette and with a small brush started painting the page, like using water colors.

It didn't long to color the whole thing. maybe a half hour to an hour. It's a simple design.

I then cut the page to a 4x6 size for a card. I cut a couple of he images from the Heirloom collection: pen and ink on ivory 12x12 sheet . I painted the tip of the pen and part of the jar with Tarnished Silver Glimmer mist and the label of the ink jar in Polka dot pink chalkboard spray. Course after I did that I saw he label said red, lol 

 I cut jar opening with my craft knife and put the pen in it like the pen is dipping into the jar of ink. I used foam tape on both and attached it to the card front. I added some "ink splatters" using the Birthday simply sheer spray.  Then used the atg to attach it to the card base. I wrote the sentiment and cut the words out and glued to the card.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Art journal page: happiest time of my life

There'  new mood board this month for Mixed media moods with DeeDee Catron and Mixed Media Jen. I did a Journal page.

I started out gluing down white backing from a decorative napkin to give the page some tooth when I went to gesso the page. After that dried I glued don Tissue paper from Tim Holtz. Once that dried I used Americana paints in Saffron Yellow (for the base layer) Dragon Fruit, and Purple Rain. I used the other 2 colors and did drips on the side f the pages. I took some watercolor paper from my stash and used Tattered Angles Plain Jane Simply Sheer in Un-Birthday on the entire page. and punched out squares. Glued them on the page. I stamped the Overlapping Squares added some splots with the Simply Sheer spray. for my focal point, I used a calendar page I placed her in between the butterfly, so it looked like she has wings. I glued down the quote that was on the same calendar page she was. Finally I added more splots with the pink and purple on the page.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Canvas Cord Crew Friend canvas

I'm happy to announce that I was picked to be part of the Canvas Corp Brand Creative Crew! It was a complete shock.  I hoep this gets me to blog more. Its easy to just d youtube videos, and not blog my project.

Last month I was sent some goodies from them of items that I picked out and also some items they picked for us crew members. The newbies were sent a 4x4 stretch canvas to do what we want with it, to represent us. This is what I did with my canvas

I started off glue down some medical gauze. We have a lo of that stuff from my dad. I wanted more texture then I glued down some stuff that I got at the 99 cent store. I let it dry over night. 

I gessoed everything. Then took Its black Polka Dot ink Chalkboard and spayed the how thing. Then used It's Black glimmer mist and sprayed one side of the canvas and sprayed on the other side Sterling glimmer mist. While that dried I stweed what I wanted to put for the focal point
. It was a struggle.

After a few days I decided what I wanted to do. I took some chipboard from UmWowStudio and gesseoed them and then using Glitter Glaze Lady Bug, Tatter Angels High Impact paint in Hot pink and Silver.

I went through my dies (not that I have a lot of dies) and die cut the "friend" Sizzix die from a piece of white cardstock and the peace signs from memory box with the white corrugated paper both by Canvas Corp. I sprayed the peace signs in Sterling Glimmer Mist, Polka dot pink Chalkboard,  painted one with  Island Spring Glimmer  Glaze. I also sued the Island Spring on the friend die cut.

Before gluing everything down I did some splatter of white craft paint.