Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mixed Media Morsels 4 and 5

Here are 2 more morsels from Cat Hand's Mixed media morsels youtube video series.

Morsel #4 was using wet glue to draw a design. letting it dry and then put paint on the page and then taking a wet wipe to try to wipe up where the paint is on the glue design. Sort of like a resit. I've done this before in my "Wreck this Journal book with different types of wt glues. It was fun.

Fr this page I used Elemer's school glue and a little bit of Aleen's tacky. After it dried over night I used a yellow and an orange craft paints. 

Morsel #5 was tissue paper. This one I also done lots of times. Love tissue paper!

I took a piece of white tissue paper and crumpled it really good. Used Mod Podge to glue the tissue paper on the page. After I dried I used a couple Mister Huey sprays.  Below is a close up picture of all the fun texture.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Color me Positive Journal 52 week 5

Back to being all caught up with posts of journal 52 and color me positive.

For color me positive I used the quote for my prompt.

I used bubble gum pink by Dylusions for the base of the page. I then used a piece of lace as my stencils and used the Jade Dylusion spray with it. I used a magazine image and a chipboard crown from my stash. On a pice of scrap paper and wrote the quote " If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough."

Journal 52 prompt was monochromatic so of course I used pinks. :)

I did a layer of baby pink craft paint by Americana. then used a couple of stencils from UmWowStudio. he flower stencil I used a fushia paint. And the confetti circles I used the bubble gum pink Dylusion paint. I then used FW acrylic ink in process magenta and did some drips. I didn't know what to do after the backgroudn so it sat for a while. I saw some owls in a coloring book. colored 3 of them in shades of pinks. cut them out. I used the Pilot multiball pen and made a wire across the page to put my owls on. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Color me positive Journal 52 week 4

I know I'm a little late posting week 4. I got lazy and didn't transfer the pictures from my iPhone to my computer.

The prompt for color me positive I used their quote "Believe in yourself and magic will happen" I did a collage from magazine images.
I used my Dymo Labler for the quote. I glued on  gold and silver sequins. And some tiny starts and hearts chipboard from UmWowStudio.

For Journal 52 the prompt was moon. I was kinda stumped or that one. but I did come up something.

I glued down a paper towl that had a bunch of left over spray on it that I kept. I had colored the "Color Love" by Thaneeya McArdle coloring book. I cut the camper out. Then I looked for something I could use for the moon. I saw another image from Art Therapy doodle and dream color book. I cut out part of the circle. colored that and glued the "moon" and then the camper. I then used my dymo labler and typed out "dark Side of the moon" (I really wish I had the black tape still and not the red.). 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mixed Media Morsels 1-3

On Youtube a last month I saw Shannon Green video where she was collageing scraps of paper in a journal. It was part of the Mixed media morsels series that Cat hand has started.  Cat Hand has even started a Facebook group for this(same name: Mixed Media Morsels. Its a closed group).

The 1st one is useing the plastic wrap on wet paint. Something i've done before. But I didn't have any plastic wrap in the house so I improvised with a sandwich baggie that I cut open. The difference using the sandwich baggie and not the plastic wrap, is that the baggie almost got stuck to the page. but it left a cool texture on the page.

The 2nd morsel was gluing tiny scraps of papers on to the page. i used what was on my desk. an ad that was left over from Color me Positive page, piece of tissue paper that had spray on it. piece of paper that was a drop paper and a couple scraps from a map poster. I used Mod Podge to glue the papers down. When they dried I took a black Sharpie and sketch my initial of my name. I outlined it in gold marker. I added some dots with my white gelly roll pen.

the 3rd one was using paint and 70%  alcohol. This was a lot of fun/ the 1st layer I used neon pink and neon blue. then I driped some alcohol with a paint brush. I then did another layer of paint with a water down green paint. and then splatter more alcohol on it. and the last layer I painted water down pink paint to the page and splatter more alcohol on that. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

fall/Halloween postcard swap

This past fall I participated in another swap over at the VLVS! Groupies facebook group. The swap was postcards with a fall/Halloween theme. I chose to do a Halloween theme.

I started out taking some photo paper(pacts that you get free when you buy printer ink) I first played with alcohol ink, but wondered how Dylusions spray would react to the photo paper.Its awesome on photo paper! The paper does get tacky while the spray is wet, but once its dry its fine. The color are so bright and vibrant on the paper. After it was dried. I took a spider web that I cut out on my Cameo. and used Spackle through the die cut. I knew the spray would come through., and I was fine with that. 

While that was drying I stamped the Skeleton family, the all day sucker on white card stock with black archival ink pad. I colored the sucker with Be Positive Glimmer glam from Tatter Angels. Fussy cut the skeletons out (no one was harmed while doing that) and the sucker. Glued the sucker to the hand of the main guy. Then glued tat to the post card. I then stamped the bats on to the postcard. Finally I printed a couple of signs that are a wingding. Colored them in color pencils in a orange and yellow. glued that on the page. Then added some crackle accents to the signs.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Color me positive and Journal 52 week 3

This week both places basically had the same prompt...song lyrics

Color me positive their quote prompt was "Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous." The optional prompt, which is the one i did was use song lyrics on your page.

I did another collage. the lyrics are from the song "perfect" by Pink.

Week 3 of journal 52 the prompt was use your favorite David Bowie song/lyric or the alternative prompt was your favorite song/lyrics.

This was super simple. I had a vanity Fair magazine that had an interview with Taylor Swift. and pictures of her. I used one that was in black and white. cut the picture to size of my journal and glued it in my journal. Used my Apricot Neo Color II's to color her skin. and used the red for the lips and blue for her eyes. The lyrics are from "Out of the Woods"

Peter Pan

Again everything on this page was stuff that was on my desk.I had some left over book text that i had used for a project that was on my desk. I used pool blue craft paint from Craft Smart. Glued that down with Mod Podge. The embossed cardstock was also on my desk and I glued that down. the Peter Pan picture (say that 5 times fast. LOL) was from a kids book that I used for another project. Used a Black Stabilo pencil around the Peter Pan picture and the embossed cardstock. The sentiment was something I found in a magazine.