Sunday, March 30, 2014

March ARC book

For March's ARC book I read "Shoulda Been There"by Jude Southerland Kessler The link is to the e-book. Trust me you want to get the e-book, as this book is 795 pages. The link below is for the hard copy of the book.

This is historical fiction book of John Lennon. Its one of 9 books Jude is writing about John Lennon. "should of been there is from his birth to Dec. 1961 when the Beatles signed with Brian Epstein to be their manager. Jude but years of research into not only this book but the other 2 that are out. "Shoulda Been There" came out in 2008 but she started interviewing and research in 1993. The book is not in chapters, but is broken up with dates and places. and at the end of each scene, she gives a foot note of what happen and what parts of the conversation was made up. It was so well written. I can not wait to get the other(the other 2 books that are out are "Shivering Inside" Dec.1961- Mid. April 1963 and "She Loves You"  May 1963-late 1963 just before they go to the USA). Though I will want to get them as ebooks. The book was kinda too big to hold (but it did make a good book to flatten out papers. lol)

I originally started the book a couple years ago when I took it with me on long trips on Mega Bus(I didn't have an e-reader.back then.) Then I put it down for a while, waiting for the next long road trip. When it came time to pick the next set of books to read for this year, I decided to pick this one, because I knew we would be moving(if we EVER get this house sold!) and I didn't want to take this big book with me, so I read it. I knew it would take me a while to do it, but I wanted to finish it. I started the book right after I read "The Bite Before Christmas" (or not long after.) around late December/early January.  Then Darcy challenged us to pick a book re read before and loved to reread it for February. So I set the book aside and read "A Pedigree To Die For" for the February challenge. Then I read "Gone with the Woof" the latest book in the series. Then I picked it back up later in January and finished it on Feb. 8. so It took me 2 months to read the book. Which I kinda expected it too.

The page I did for this book was another matte medium transfer. I wasn't planning on it. I found the picture of the cover (which was taken by Astrid Kirchherr) and printed it. I originally wanted to trace to picture of a young John Lennon and color it and then put it on the page. but then I was like maybe I should do a transfer. So that's what I did. And it came out pretty good. He didn't loose an eye or nose or ear in the process. After it was dried, I took some of the water down craft paints and just put some on the page and with my fingers rubbed it on the page. I then took a stencil and white craft paint and sponged the paint on the stencil. It needed something! LOLI then wrote the title of the book on top and doodled a put. That I didn't like. Looks like an eyesore. I did add a thick black line around the picture to frame it in.

The book I will be reading in April is The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

ABAC: High 5!

As you know at Anything but a card the monthly challenges last 3 weeks and then we have a DT member spotlight for a week before the new monthly challenge starts Well March has 5 weeks. So we added another quick challenge. The challenge is "Use 5" You can use the Number 5 or 5 colors, items, words, whatever as long as there are 5. I did joke that I was going to use 5 different shades of pink. LOL

For me I did 5 Rolodex cards, and I tried to use 5 items(may include the Rolodex card itself.) These are are quick to do. And some I did in one sitting.

For this one one I used:
2. molding paste
3. Ditto spray
4. Tinsel Color Shine spray
5. sentiment from Ginger's House blog

1.Bubble Gum Dylusion Spray
2. Stencil
3. Molding Paste
4. Tinsel Color Shine spray
5. Sentiment from Ginger's House blog

1. Stencil
2. Ditto spray
3. Tinsel Color Shine spray
4.potty people stamp and banner stamp from VLVS!
5. sentiment from Ginger's House blog

1. stencil
2. Distress inks in Peeled paint and Spun Sugar
3. Viva Las Vegas Stamps (Chevron background washi, chevron, sucker, and sentiemnt)
4. Gel sticks(kids version Gelatos) by Faber Castel
5. Neo Color 2's

Besides the green and purple craft paints I used 5 VLVS! stamps

1. Distress Harlequin background
2. triangle banner
3. Arrow
4. Fun and then some sentiment
5. Skinny girl

Soul Food Lesson 25

On the other side of the owl I did I did lesson 25. It was another bird. Used black craft paint, Magenta acrylic paint from Blicks, green craft paint, book text, a wing from a picture I printed, matte medium, and  neo color 2's

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Giveaway update!

Giving a little update on the status of the giveaway I had. I heard from 2 of the winners, still waiting to hear from the other 2. I haven't mailed the winnings yet. The post office is walking distance from my house. But the weather has been too cold for me to walk it. Or if its been nice out I had to do stuff with my parents. and I've been waiting to hear from the other winners (if I don't hear from them soon, I will draw again) so I can mail everything at once. But I will mail them soon!

Soul Food lesson 26

Another Lesson done for Soul Food. Lesson 26 was taught by Melaine Underwood. It was kinda fun to do. I liked the collageing the papers. My poor owl looks kinda sad, but cute!

Soul Food Lesson 18

I'm still working my way through the Soul Food lessons. At least the ones I can do. This is lesson 18. Where you recycle a canvas. I thought the lesson was really cool, but I didn't have one of those stretch canvases around. First I went looking at Home Goods and Target to see f they had one that was cheap on clearance. They didn't. Then once day while out and about. I went to Good Will and found a 9x9 canvas for $1.99. I forgot to take a before picture of it. When I came home  went to work on it. Its not completely finished. MY white Signo pen ran out of ink, so I can't do the writing around the circles(not that I have a clue what that will be!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Giveaway Winners!

I ended the giveaways a little early since there hasn't been any entries for the couple of days.

For the 2 envelope mini's I drew 2 names each getting a mini Winners are

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For the Mini Treasure albums the winners are.

Congrats to the winners! please e-mail me at with the subject giveaway winner!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Doll case

Last month I was watching some Youtube Videos and saw Bona video on making a doll case for the Julie Nutting mix media girls. Like the Barbie doll cases. I thought it was so cute. My cousin's wife is having their 4th baby, but its their first girl. Because of that my other cousin (his sister) decided to throw a baby shower so she can get some girl stuff. When I saw Bona's video of this doll case I had to make it for her.

The case is the only 12x12 baby baby paper I have. Little Darlings by Graphic 45. Instead of using a paper for the handle I used fabric that was dyed that I was given frrom Lynn in the first Secret Sister box swap.

I then took some scrap Kraft cardstock to make the faux dressers and shelf. 

The paper I used for this dresser is from My Minds Eye Lime Twist line Life of the Party. The faux drawers is DCWV Glam Rock which was scrap. The "pulls" on the drawers are pearls (yes I knw one pearl is missing when I took the picture. It was glued back on after. ) from Wild Orchid crafts. The lace draping the shelf and the white cording(which was covering a boo boo)were a couple of the things that was given to me in a RAK from Rose.  I also used a light bulb from Prima. The flowers I used were also from Wild Orchid Crafts. The "love" and Smile are wood pieces from Prima. I painted those Magenta with acrylic paint by Blick's. I used hot glue to glue them on. The Julie Butting girl I stamped on  scrap of My Minds eye paper. Her dress was from scraps of pattern paper. I did paint her hair red.

The dresser on the other side I used scraps from Fab Scraps from when I made a mini album with (also another baby gift). I used both sides of the paper. One side was the dresser and the other was the "drawers" again I used Wild orchid crafts pearls for the drawer pulls and their flowers. I orginaly was going to have some dresses cut  out and put them in the closet somehow. but then I remembered I had a little mirror that I thought would look cute for this. So I went downstairs to hunt it down. As you know we are selling the house (want to buy it? huh huh.) and sometime this spring we will be have a moving sale So I empty my desk thats downstairs because we are going to sell it. So the stuff that was in the drawers are now in boxes. So I had to dig boxes and storage containers and never found the mirror. But I did find a frame that I got at Michael's. I took the backing off and made a mirror with some aluminium tape. I glossy accented it to the box. I did try to use hot glue, but the glue was cooled by the time I went to put in the case. When I glued it to the case the frame cracked so I glued 3 WOC flowers to cover that up.

The baby shower was Saturday and everyone loved it. :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Anything but a card challenge: 33 Spakle

This month ABAC the challenge is Sparkle. So get out your glitter paints, your S T I C K L E S, glitter papers and play!

I did a journal page. Its from a Prima journal that I got last year. It already had some left over stuff on it, so I built the page from that. i used some Martha Stewart Glitter paint in aquamarine with an old gift card.. I do have to say you can't really see the color when you put it down on paper, but t sure is sparkly.  Then I got put the Color Shine in Tensile and a stencil that Pavla sent me. I love the drips in the I got. Then I took some Star Bright(makers of the Luminare paints) glitter paints in Yellow and Lemon Chiffon and scrapped in on the page with a pallet knife. The paint is sticky (though I I like the glitter in it) so I did another layer of the Martha Stewart glitter paint. and the cool drippiage I got from the stencil and the spay I used went away. I used the spray again with a circle plastic canvas.

I stamped one of the Julie Nutting dolls ( I LOVE them) on one of the "buff" papers from the paper pad. I colored her hair with a Raspberry Neo Color 2. I dressed her in scraps from Colorful Life by DCWV (Yes, I used some of the paper. Still hording..i mean treasuring that paper). I glued her down on the page. She needed a sparkly crown, So I took one of the crowns from Maya Road and used Spun Sugar Distress Stickles on it. When it was dried I glued it on her. While the stickles were drying I typed the sentiment I found on Pintrest when looking for Sparkle quotes. printed it out and glued it down. I edged the words with black neo 2's. and a water brush. Not completely loving that part though. I took my corner rounder and on the 1/4 inch side rounded the 2 out side corners. I edged the sides of the page with black craft paint.

While I was doing the page I did some ATC's. With scraps from Colorful Life(I used the papers to make dividers for my FiloFax) I didn't to too much to the paper for the ATC because I didn't want to cover the paper up too much with sprays or paint. the Papers are just so cool! I did take plastic canvas and sprayed with the tinsel color shine spray. the women and "Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle" are from VLVS!  the other 2 sentiments I found on pintrest and typed up on Notepad. Colored all of them in Neo color 2's.

Added Stickles to the center of the flowers and the maracas

added stickles the sentiment with my finger. then used glossy accents.

Added stickles to the center of the flower

So Go To Anything But a card blog and play along and see what the other DT members are doing! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Giveaway time!

So what do you do when you make mini albums and then have no clue what to do with them after you make them? have a giveaway of course!

I have been making a lot of the mini treasure mini albums from Kathy Orta's book Interactive mini Scrapbooks. Now that I made them I don't know what to do with them. LOL So I deiced to give a couple of them away. Also planing on giving away the Flip out mini that I made from her book as well.

Another giveaway will be some of the envelope minis that I made. As they are just sitting around and doing nothing.

I trying out Rafflecopter for the giveaways. We shall see how this goes. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway