Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm home

Hi Guys! just a post that I'm all moved in. We got the cable and internet hooked up on Monday, but the wireless router got hooked up today after my dad's desk got delivered.

We had the house painted (it needed it very badly.) We were hoping the painters would be done by the time our stuff was here on Saturday, Dec. 13 but they weren't done. Almost done though. So the movers put the furniture in the house and the boxes in the garage because of the painters. The other day, I hauled in all my box for my room and my craft room. Boy was my lower back screaming at me. Its been hurtin for a while (I haven't found a new Chiro yet.) but it was really painful the last few days. I haven't done anything the last 2 days. 

So look for updates on my new craft room. I started unpacking, but not too much. Some time next year we'll be taking out the carpet in here and putting in a new floor so I would just have to move everything out, and probably rearrange my room. I know 2 things are going to go to the other side of the room. Another downer is there is no lights in the ceiling. We never noticed when we looked at the house. but its really dark with no lighting(Hard to craft in the dark. lol). The contractor said because of the slanted ceilings its would be hard to put lights in the ceilings(there are 2 ceiling fans in the house one in the living room and one in the master bathroom.) I did do a video of a tour of the house the other day(no one was home). Just have to upload it.

As for year long crafting challenges I'm going to Documented life for 2015 and maybe journal 52(I failed so bad this year because of the selling the house and the move). 

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Margaret said...

So happy that you are in your new home! Can't wait to see how your new space inspires you!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!