Saturday, February 8, 2014

Anything but a Card Challenge 32 Tic Tac toe 3 in a row!

Well its February and its the week of Valentin's Day/ I have a love/hate relationship to this holiday. This month at ABAC we are doing a Tic Tac Toe board for the challenge. Just like the game you choose 3 items from the picture in a row for your project: Up and Down, Across, or Diagonally.

1.) Red
2.) Recycling
3.) Glitter {can be loose or like Stickles}
4.) Bling it ON! {beads, gems, buttons, sequins and baubles - the sparkly bits}
5.) Heart
6.) Sprays and Mists
7.) Ribbons, Fibers and Trims... oh MY!
8.) Black
9.) Lace

I had a Chipboard heart album in my stash for a while and decided to use them, not as an album but just to decorate them as is.  I gesso'ed one side of them. After they dried I did stack a pile(and i do mean a pile) of books to try to get them flatten, but they are still kinda curved.

This is the 1st one I did. 

I went diagonally with this one. I did Red, Heart and lace. I painted the heart red. layer was a water down red craft paint. then I I did a layer of another red craft paint. I then took a stamp of circles and stamped them on the heart with black Menento ink pad. I then took a piece of lace placed it over the heart and sprayed with Linen White Dylusions spray. I then stampeded the Valentine's day background stamp by Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers(oh how I miss them) with the same black ink pad. I took Lindy's stamp gang Screaming Banchee black that is also mixed with black SEI tumble dye and water and did drips. I took the pic of Mickey and Minnie from a book I had and cut them out and glued them to the heart(I really wanted Cinderella or Snow White but either story showed them with their prince) I had gotten these heart gems from Dollar tree and I glued one with glossy accents between the 2 of them. I used black craft paint to paint the edge of the heart.I then uses my Dymo label  and punched out "be mine"

Here is the 2nd one I did. I did Recycle, heart and black. and I remembered to take pictures of the the process! Yay me! :P

I first took Distress ink pads in Black Soot and Barn Door and stamped them on the heart. I took a black crayon and wrote down anti-valentine's day words. i then took the water down red craft paint and spread the paint with my fingers. the distress inks went away since they are water base. OPPS. :P

I then took red craft paint and went over that. Yeah I know I said black was one of the things I things in the tic tac toe board. just wait. :)

Next I took some black scrapbook paper and  tore pieces of it and glued them to the heart. I took a black Bic pen and doodled broken hearts. I Then took an old magazine (recycle)I had and found a page that has some black in it at tore and glued that to the heart

Next I painted the heart with black craft paint. Yeah, I know I didn't have to use black papers since I was covering it up with black paint. But that what I wanted to use in my head. I then took some big circle punchenilla and sprayed with the Lindy's stamp gang Screaming Banchee black that is also mixed with black SEI tumble dye and water. Not that you were able to see it when it was dried. I wanted that little shimmer. I then took smaller circle punchenilla and the Cherry Pie Dylusion spray. Then I took the heart punchenlla and the White Linen Dylusion spray and it brought out the red when the white dried. Finally I took the Black Dylusion spray and sprayed some more circle punchenllia and tipped it so I can get some drips.

I went looking through the kids book again for something for this one. I saw this picture of Minnie crying as Mickey leaving, and I had to use it. All these thought of saying went through my head of what she would say. Of course those thoughts left me when it was time to write something down.  I took the Dymo again and punched out "Don't go breakin my heart" and "please don't go" and put them on the heart.

So go to Anything But a Card Challenge blog play along and link up!

Happy Valentines Day!

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Sheri What totally delightful fun!

Margaret said...

LOVE both of these! I had to laugh at painting over the black paper! I do things like that a lot! Makes perfect sense to me!!