Saturday, April 5, 2014

Anything but a Card challenge 34: open theme

This month its an open theme over at Anything but a card. You can make anything you want....well almost anything you can't make a card. :P

As you guys know I won a spot in Soul Food over on the Community Thrive, that Mystele put together. Its a 6 month course and there are a ton of teachers and lessons. I will admit I haven't done all the lessons, as they are a little more advance for me painting and drawing wise. But there are some that i can do, done and still want to do. The piece I'm about to show you is one of the lessons from the class. So I can't really explain the step by step. It was mostly to play with abstract art and layers and I got to use Tar Gel that I have had in my stash forever and never knew what to do with. So here are the pictures of what I did. Again I remembered to take pictures along the way. :) Go me!

Then I added the Tar Gel and let it sit over night. I like the texture and shine it gave. The next pictures ais the finished project.

Items used:
5x7 flat board canvas
craft paints
tissue paper
Tar Gel

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Dana said...

Very cool Sheri!! I've never played with Tar Gel but I love your results! Just might have to pick some up ;)