Wednesday, November 21, 2012

pics went poof!

You may have noticed that there are a lot of posts missing. and the ones that are still here some posts are missing pictures. Well there is a reason for this. I was sweating bullets when i realized it.

When I was doing my blog post for day 20 Nanojoumo I got a message that I ran out of storage space for pictures for my blog. So I went into my Google plus and went to the albums that were marked shycraftgirl and deleted them. so I can have room to upload more pictures. (or I could of bought more storage but why.) Well it was all good as the first few blog post were there with pictures. but then I went a little further and saw the pictures from most of the other posts were all gone! Also the 2 blog posts that I pre posted for my VLVS! DT next month. I totally freaked! Luckily I still had pictures for the ones for next months posts still on my computer. and I still had pictures from my DT post from a couple weeks ago on the laptop. so fixed those. but all others are gone. Yes my NaNoJouMo's are on my flicker and i can go there and save them to put back.  but the other posts from a couple years ago and even last year I've deleted most of them from my blog. I have you tube videos on most of that stuff anyways. I'm just sick of my DT stuff is gone.

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