Thursday, July 25, 2013

July ARC read

The book I read this month is "The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat" By Claudia Bishop. It is the 3rd in the series of the casebook of  Dr. McKenzie.

Dr McKenzie is a Veterinarian of farm animals like horses, goats, etc. He is also a private detective.
The story is this book that the milk inspector was found dead in a 400 gallon milk vat at a family run goat farm. Austin McKenzie and his wife Madeline take the case and learn all they can abut the goat dairy farm business, local politics, and how to get through the owner of the dairy, an elderly temperamental woman, Doucetta. There were plenty of suspects in the book. I was kinda not shocked on who did it, but was surprise who else was behind it.

I picked this book up at I think at library book sale. I have not read the first two of the series. It was a very quick read, with only 14 chapters to it, and the prologue which could be a chapter in itself. lol. I thought it was cool that in the beginning of the book that there was a list of the characters in the book and what they did and who they were related or the relation to in the was a good story, but I don't think I'll get the first two book in the series

The journal page I did was playing with my Dylusions sprays that I had just gotten in June. This page I was playing with a transfer technique with craft paint(nothing to do with the book lol). It was somewhat of a fail. then I had some left over green paint from another project. The colors sprays I used were Lemon Zest and Cut Grass. I also used the white linen. Also used Radiant Rain  shimmering mist in lime juice with some punchenilla. Did some drips with water down white craft paint. I had some stickers in my stash of milk bottles and what I'm calling goats. lol (Think they are lambs, but to me they are goats. :P) Also some grass. The last thing I did was spell out the title with the same type of letters I used for last month.(I have a TON of these letters. need to use them!)

The book I'm going to read next month is Skein og the Crime by Maggie Sefton.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I wish I'd picked more mysteries. This sounds like a fun read. I got a laugh out of the premise and the way you described it. Dying in a goat milk vat really piqued my interest. I really love anything unique.

Your journal page is DIVINE. I've never seen letters like that until I saw them in your art. I like the look they give the page.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow! I don't normally read detective fiction, but I could almost be tempted with a wacky scenario like this! I love your journal page. The colours really have a meadowy feel and the little lambs/goats are adorable! Those letters are great too! Julie Ann x

Gina said...

Ha...sounds like a perfect story for the team from "Hot Fuzz" to be working on :D I love your journal page, so bright and cheerful, while the "drippage" hints of something amiss :D XXX

Sarah said...

ha ha before I read Gina's comment I thought 'Hot Fuzz'! :)

Love your little lamby goats and the cool background on your journal page

San @ Made in Hem said...

The book sounds wonderful and those little goals are adorable! ♥
Playing with spray inks is always a surprise! You got a lovely surprise! :-)

Jez said...

Sounds a fun book, well for those not murdered. I wonder, is it healthier to drown in a vat of milk or a vat of whisky?
I like your ability to see the lambs through rose coloured glasses and decide the shall be goats.
I'm always a sucker for a good title and this has a great one, but if it's easy to guess the murderer then it won't be on the list. So a good review to help me avoid.
The publishers should use your lovely artwork as the cover image on the next re-print.

abby j said...

Enjoyed your review and your art. Would I read the book? Maybe...unusual plot!

Darcy said...

sounds like an easy read, not a huge fan of mysteries usually but anything unusual catches my eye. love the journal page and the cute lamb-goats lol

Magaly Guerrero said...

The title and the theme makes me want to read the book. Your journal page makes me think that I would enjoy the experience.

Janet said...

What a way to go! Sounds like a fun book with the possibility of learning how to keep goats. Love your milky journal page and your little lamby goats are perfect. Baaaa!

Janet xx

Carmen said...

I agree with everyone else it sounds like a fun quick read :)

Love your journal page - ooh, you are making me want to try Dylusions even more!

Jen said...

Your journal page is so fresh and fun. Like the background and the cute "goatambs". The book sounds fun too.
Jen x