Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aug ARC book club

This month I read Skein of the Crime by Maggie Sefton. Its the 8th book in the series Kelly Flynn Knitting mysteries.

Kelly is a CPA who in the 1st book moves to Fort Conner,Colorado after her aunt passes away. She meets some people at the local yarn shop that is near Kelly. She becomes friends with them, and learns how to knit.

In Skein of the Crime Holly, a collage student is found dead near a river trail that's not to far from Kelly. Holly in the last book was found in Kelly's backyard high on drugs. Holly got cleaned, and was taking knitting classes at Lambspun. She also been seeing her High school sweetheart, Tommy who is away at collage. His mother wasn't please that they've been dating, because Holly calls him.

The B story line is Megan, Kelly's friend just got engaged, and Kelly (and the other friends) was helping her to look for a wedding dress. and Kelly being the CPA tells her to set a budget for the wedding. Along with Megan getting frustrated with everything getting booked to have it next year.

It also goes with how the housing market is at the time(book came out at 2010. though it holds true today). One friend Jennifer is a relater and Kelly's boyfriend Steve, is an architect. Steve has to take 2nd job in Denver to try to make ends meet for him.

I had a hard time reading the book. Even though it was an easy read, as all cozy's are. When I stared this book I think I was all read out as I read 9 books the whole month of July when I was away to dog sit for my aunt. What would take me maybe 2 or 3 days to read a book like this it took me almost the whole month. I was getting tired of Kelly butting in with money management advise to her friends. and I felt some of the things the characters said sounded kinda hokey. :P I did think the killer was one person, but was wrong. :P I will be reading the other in the series.

my journal page is kinda a hot mess. I took a page that the background was pretty much done. I went online and googled knitting. i printed 3 pictures I found. One was some squares that I did a transfer with. The yarn and the knitting desserts I cut and glued on the page. I doodles on the yarn.


Darcy said...

shame you couldn't get into the book, but at least it hasn't put you off the rest of the series. Love the doodled ball of yarn.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The artwork was truly
AWESOME. Super impressive, especially the way you presented the ball of doodled yarn.

Gina said...

Fabulous combi of images for your page...cupcakes and crafting, my idea of heaven lol. Shame about the storyline though :D XXX

Alison xx said...

Fun page. I hate it when you get one book in a series that just doesn't live up to the rest, hopefully the next one will be back on traqck. A xx

Janet said...

It is a great journal page and I love the doodling on the ball of yarn - a nice touch. Glad you are continuing with the series - the plots are incredible!

Janet xx

Sarah said...

I'm not convinced this series of books is for me although I did enjoy reading your synopsis....and the book title on the yarn is a nice touch

abby j said...

Great representation of the book theme. Well done!

Julie Ann Lee said...

I really love the way you have that huge ball of yarn central to your artwork. This image just struck me as amazing as soon as I clicked onto your blog! Shame you did not enjoy the book so much. It is annoying when what characters say just doesn't sound believable. Julie Ann #16 xx

Jen said...

Fun Journal page, like the yarn especially as you wrote on it. Sorry you did not enjoy the book so much.
Jen x