Friday, February 14, 2014

Product Reivew for Buzz Agent: Schick Hydro Silk Razor for Sensitive Skin

I'm finally review the Schick Hydro Silk sensitive skin razor That i got for free to try from I wanted to wait til I got the Skinmate shave Gel before I wrote the review. But I haven't been able to go anywhere they might have it. As you know this winter has been the pits! It is going to warm up soon, so I hope to walk to Walgreen's and pick it up and then do a review of it.

So far I used it twice. the first time I just did the underarms to try it out. Remember I wanted to get the shave gel before i tried it on my legs. I am always leery of a new razor. Always afraid to nic myself. The razor felt smooth and did the job. didn't felt the 5 blades at all. and it did the job.

Tonight I did the legs. I used a shave gel from Dollar Tree. Again I didn't feel a thing. and the razor did its job.

The packaging was very easy to open. The cap on the razor was very easy to open and close. Great for traveling. When I change the blade, i will let you know in a later review. I thought I took a picture of the razor with the cap off. But when I change the blade I will take a picture and put in this review. 

Depending on the price and if I have a coupon, I would get the product again.

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