Thursday, March 27, 2014

Soul Food Lesson 18

I'm still working my way through the Soul Food lessons. At least the ones I can do. This is lesson 18. Where you recycle a canvas. I thought the lesson was really cool, but I didn't have one of those stretch canvases around. First I went looking at Home Goods and Target to see f they had one that was cheap on clearance. They didn't. Then once day while out and about. I went to Good Will and found a 9x9 canvas for $1.99. I forgot to take a before picture of it. When I came home  went to work on it. Its not completely finished. MY white Signo pen ran out of ink, so I can't do the writing around the circles(not that I have a clue what that will be!)


Margaret said...

This is gorgeous! I love how you can see a hint of each layer!

Dana said...

YAY!! You found a canvas!!! I love how the washi tape bits showed through as texture on the final layers! Looks great and bummer on the Signo! But it looks great the way it is =0)