Saturday, April 26, 2014

April's ARC book

For April's ARC book I read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. The book takes place in Washington DC, where the main character Robert Langdon is summons to come to give a lecture but as he arrives in DC things take a turn. Robert's mentor is kidnapped and beaten. and Robert finds an ancient invitation. The only way Robert can save Peter is to follow the object to where it leads to.

This is another book that I started to read(200 pages in), then set it aside for a while, like I did with Angels and Demons. then later pick it back up. But unlike Angels and Demons, The pace did not pick up for me. It was kinda boring for me. Some parts did seem interesting but then it was the same old same old. I was hoping for more history like the 2 books before this one. It was a quick read for being a 509 page book. The chapters were short, which made the it a quick read. After picking the book back up at page 200, it took me 2 days to read it. I thought it would take me a while to read it.which it probably would have since I was not that into it. I would have dragged it out if I wasn't in this challenge or wanting to read as many of the hard copy books (especially the bigger ones) I have before I move( IF WE EVER SELL THIS HOUSE!). Less to pack and take with us.


Prudence said...

Perfect collage! My fav. Is always DiVinci Code!
Hard to top that one I would think...wonderful visit!

abby j said...

I really enjoyed your honest review...I have The Lost Symbol on my ipad to read, but have been putting it off because my friends have had the same reaction you've had to it!! I usually love Dan Brown's books...On the other hand, your art is brilliant!! THAT would make me want to read the book!!'See you next month!

lorig said...

Great art! With the lackluster review, I think I will give this book a pass. Thank you for the information.