Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Documented Life Project 2015

Once again I am doing the Documented Life project for 2015. This year the ladies of Art to the 5th have decided to only concentrate on the art journaling. For my planning I'm using my Filofax Apax Personal and I'm also doing a Smooooooosh Journal planner for writing what I do and where I go every day. For info on the Soooooosh planner/journal go to Felica's youtube channel MousePotatoDesigns. Its her faulty I got sucked into doing one. lol

I was organically going to just post pictures of all the weeks so far. but like always I took to many pictures of each page. lol. So each week is going to be a separate post.  So here is week 1. We had to use book papers and the prompt was goals.

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