Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 6 Documented Life 2015

your saying to yourself "self, what happen to her week 5 page?" Well I did do week 5 but I'm not loving the page so it still a work in progress.

Week 6 the prompt was lots of layers and when not to stop. Lots of  fun layers here too. doodleing, and paint and drips and i used glass bead gel that I haven't played with for a while. Valentines day is coming up. I have a love hate with the holiday. I like the holiday. and I would probably love it if I wasn't single and had someone. But since i am single I kinda hate the holiday. And I get kinda gloomy...sad...lonely around this time. Well I get that way from time to time all year long too. Can't be happy go lucky funny self all the time. :)

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