Monday, April 20, 2015

Color my world

I'm back showing you last weeks Art journal page from last weeks class. Since the first Sunday of this month was Easter, we didn't have class that week. We had classes last week and this week ( I have to take a better picture of the page from Sunday's class)

DeeDee is starting to put up videos of the Art journal classes for those who are local that missed a class or two or people from other parts of the country or the world can take. The video classes are really cheap. It is $10 for both classes for the month. That's $5 a class! Got to or UmWowStudio for more information or if you want to purchase(found under online workshops in UmWowStudio).

So to be fair I can't really explain the process of the background we did. but It was fun and I got to work with big kid paints. LOL We used Blicks student grade acrylics. Which is something new for me to use since I have always used craft paint, as it way cheaper than the other acrylic paints. Though I have been tempted at time when at Michael's to get some of the Liquidtex Basics paint when they are on sale, but pass them by. lol . 

I used the chunky heart stencil from UmWowStudio. And its kinda looking ugly I will admit. lol But it does get better! 

See looking better!

Looking even better with mark making and stamps from Viva Lss VegaStamps!

Then I took it home and added some stuff to the page to finish it off and cut to fit in my journal.

I took a white chalk paint pen and added some dots the negative parts of the chevron. i also tracked a few hearts where the stencil was. The globe Was sent to be me by Dede before I had gotten my Cameo (and no its still not set up yet. i really really need to get a long desk or tables and other organization stuff!  But it is registered!) I sprayed it with London Blue Dylusion spray and then set it with hair spray so when I glued it on the page the glue wouldn't go onto the awesome background and make me cry. I did forget to spray the back of the globe, but it wasn't too bad.  I then found my Dymo label  and typed out color my world with it and stuck it on the page. 

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Newell DymoUK said...

Hiya Sheri!

Popping in to say that the design you have there is absolutely gorgeous, that is the kind of world I would love to live in.
So colorful, so creative and beautiful!

And the use of the Dymo tape is magnificent. It is melting right in with the colors and adding such a nice contrast.

Keep up the good work and best regards,
Jesper K