Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Secert Sister box swap #2

The 1st secret sister box swap wasn't even over with before sign-ups for round two were up. Of course I signed up for round 2! :) The person I had for Secret Sister was Martha, Seeking for art. and let me tell you I freaked out a bit when I saw I had her. I was so stressed. :P She is an amazing artist, and I'm....well getting better everyday. :P So here are some of the things I made for her. I did give her some stuff in my stash that I thought she would like to alter(tins) and play with. She LOVED everything! not the wait for my ss box! :)

the card i made

 outside of the file folder holding atc and postcards starters

 inside folder

 more pics of the outside

 the starters postcards. did melted crayons


 postcard i made

 art doll

 atcs i made

 The box!!!!


mandiii20 said...

Awesome Sheri!!!! Absolutey love the colours in the 'life is a party' post card and the file folder is gorgeous!!!! One very lucky SS! Xx

mandiii20 said...

Pink and lime green, my fave colours!!!

Julia Smith said...

great job Sheri, love it all - Martha was so thrilled with it all.x