Sunday, May 27, 2012


So Thursday, I was watching Dede make a journal to throw little bits and pieces on it and paint and whatever to it. The book was easy to put together. So I thought "hey I can do that!" And So I did. not right away though. lol I did it last night.

The Covers are part of a Scrabble board that i cut up to 6 x 6 at one time to make a type of book, that never panned out. I trimmed the boards up a bit. They are about 5 x 6. The spine I used the 2 pieces that I cut from trimming the covers. I just clued them to a piece of cardboard. The papers are World Traveler by Teresa Collins. The front cover I wanted for the back cover and vise versa for the back cover.:P When I duct taped the spine to the covers It made the back the front and the front the back covers. :P opps.

pages are 90lb Water color paper by artist loft. I cut the papers into 10 x 6. folding the 10 inches in half. The signatures are 4 of them and I threw in one of cut off in there. There are 4 signatures. I took some rubber bands and slipped then in the middle pages and slipped them in the book. easy binding no sew. :P not ready for that yet. one day. LOL I want to take my tim Holtz distressing took and distress the edges.

Dont know what I'm going to use it for. My first thought to use some of my old stickers that I have in my stash, but I'm thinking of useing this as practice  my drawing faces. :/ I will be making another one. Hopefully a bit bigget and using kraft cardstock or maybe even a mix of papers, to use the stickers.

So what to do with all the extra pieces that I cut off to make the book? make another book of course!

This one is 3 by 2 1/2.  the covers are corrugate from a box that i was sent something in. I cut up 2 of the flaps. paper is Basic Grey out of print. 

The pages are 10 inch strips. I folded them in half and then took each of the halves and folded them to the middle fold. Makeing 4 panels. There are 2 pages in each signature and  signatures. Again I used the rubber bands to attach them to the book covers.

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Fab books Sheri, great job.x