Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't dull your sparkle canvas

Tomorrow is the Viva Las Vegastamps! Link Up! Blog Up! at Viva Las Vegastamps! blog, featuring the images by Mary Vogel Lozinak. I have been having so much fun using her images! Here is a little taste of what is to come for the blog hop!

Today My project is a canvas. Its 5 x 7 flat board canvas, That I got at Blick's. The first layer is a napkin. Napkins are so fun to play with and come in so many fun designs! I took the plain white layer off revealing the pattern. Most cases napkins come in 2 ply but some times they are 3 ply. So be sure to check before gluing down, otherwise the top layer,the pattern, will not be glued down to what ever you are gluing to. I glued the napkin using matte medium. "or you can use modge podge in matte.

After that dried I took some Alcohol inks in Watermelon, Sail boat Blue, and Citrus and dripped some of each color along the top edge of the canvas. Then I took a little spritz bottle that had some 91% rubbing alcohol in it. Then spritz some of that on the canvas causing the inks to run down and dripped. I moved the canvas around and added some more and did the same thing, til I was happy with what I saw. I learned this technique from one of my online friends, Barb. the I let the canvas dry.

I took a tree mask that was given on a RAK. I Sponged some gesso around the tree. i placed the ask in a couple of places, but I didn't like it. so, i put the mask back to where I first placed it and put gesso around the whole thing. That's what fun about playing with canvas. If you don't like something, or you mess up, you just paint or gesso over it. :) I kept the mask on where it was and did a layer of yellow craft paint. After that dried I used a little bit of yellow StarBright paint with a pallet knife and then wiped it around the canvas. It left a nice glittery effect. Of course its a pain to photograph with the glitter. :/ but it looks great in person! Here it is when the background is all done!

No matter how many times I took pictures of this I could never capture what it looked like in real life. but this shot is the closest I got! You can see the napkin I used in the tree. and some of the alcohol inks I used too.  

Now time to add the focal point to the canvas. I chose the peacock from plate 1398. I stamped him on tissue paper with Black Versafine ink pad. stamping with Versafine shows the fine details in this fab stamp!I glued it to the canvas using matte medium, careful not to tear the tissue. I then stamped on white cardstock the sentiment that is also on the same plate "Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle." I thought it went great with the all the sparkle from the glitter paint. I cut apart the sentiment and glued the pieces down with Glossy Accents.  

I LOVE how this canvas turned out. I did take a little dab of craft paint and watered it down and with my finger painted over the image so that the white of the tissue didn't stand out so much. I know the pictures can not show the sparkle or the colors too well. I've been taking tons of picture of this piece in both day light and        
well...not night light. lol but more when the sun goes down and all is on is a bedroom light. And playing with the camera settings. Its been driving me insane! I really need to make a light box. :P 

Products used:
5x7 canvas
craft paint
alcohol inks
tissue paper

So if you like this project using Mary Vogel Lozinak be sure to join us for the Link Up! Blog Hop! This weekend! At Viva Las Vegastamps! blog

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