Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vacation All I Ever wanted

Today you get a 2 projects in one from me! :D

I was in another one on one ATC swap last month. The Theme for June was Summer or Chunky(dimension) or both. When I saw the theme of the swap I knew which image I wanted to use. When I got my last pound of rubber and saw Beach Bunch I loved the stamp. So that's what I used. The Melting crayon technique I used for the ATC I learned from Seeking for Art. I am still learning on how to perfect it as good as she does it.

I stamped the Two Girls on boat on with black Versamark ink pad on Bristol paper by Straphmore that is ATC size. I colored it in with Prisma color pencils (I know you can't really see the color. That is the ting I'm trying to perfect). With a craft iron I took a bunch of different blue Crayola Crayons (has to be Crayola) and put a crayon on to the iron so it can melt it and just wipe it on the ATC. Once you cover the ATC with the melted crayon you turn the ATC over and you iron the back of it.  Be sure to do this on old news papers or even an outdated phone book (If you still have those around the house. LOL) After you iron the back flip it back over and with a paper towel wipe the atc. You are wiping off the wax, leaving the color. The texture is very smooth. Now You are to take a white erasure and erase where you colored the image with the prisma pencils. I do that and the color does not appear. :/  Like I said I'm still perfecting this part. For kicks I took a glitter Crayola crayon and melted that on there.

I stamped the Beach bunch on white cardstock and colored them with the prisma's. I attached it to the ATC with foam tape. It needed words. And the song Vacation by the Go-Go's popped in my head. I went into Word and typed a line from the song. And used Miracle tape to attach it.

I did do another one in yellow and orange with the Beach Bunch as the stamp image.
As you can see the color pencils showed up better. but it got a little muddy as some of the blue was still on the craft iron and I didn't clean it off good enough. I'm sending this one to my swap partner too.

Then I needed something to put the ATC's in. A couple weeks ago I was watching Musicscrp ustream show where she made a mini album using 1 sheet of 12 x 12 paper. She saw how to do the mini on a you tube video, but she changed the measurements for the scoring. which is way better than trying to figure out 8ths on a score board.. lol  

You score on 1 1/2 inches  and 6 3/4 inches. Then you turn the paper and score at 4 and 8 inches. Then on the side on the half inch you cut on the 4 inch score line up to the 6 3/4 score line. Then you turn it and on the 
6 3/4 line on the bottom you cut up to the 8 inch score line. then its all about the folding and gluing. Hoping I can explain this good. and hope the pictures help.  the piece of the paper that has 2 of the 1 1/2 inch scores on it you want to glue the ends and the middle so it can make pockets for tags. the same goes for the one piece with the other part with the 1 1/2 tab score. you want to glue that too. 

 The front cover

open the front cover. The right side is a flip. The left side is where the 2 pockets are. I added some bling to both pages

 Left side are the 2 pockets and the right is the flap flip up.

Closer look at the page. I made a belly band and stamped a cat  to go on it. This page is also a pocket page where  glued this page and the nexy page together and with a circle punch punched part of the circle out so the tag can easily go in there. 

Next page. the other side of the pocket page. Made another belly band and used another stamp.

 Last page. and the other 1 1/2 is glued down to make a pocket. and stamped another kitty.

Paper I used is Jubliee by K and Comapny. The tags I made for it was all scraps from the same line that I had. I Put the ATC's in the front 2 pockets. Hope she likes it! :)

Items used for ATC:
Bristol paper ATC size by Straphmore
Crayola Crayons
craft Iron
Black Versamark ink pad
Prisma colored pencils
paper towl
foam tape

Stamps I used for ATC

Items used for mini
K& Co. jubliee
White glue
circle or tab punch
score board
Seedless preserves Distress ink pad

Stamps used in Mini

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Squiddy said...

Wow, what a lot of ideas and techniques - some great stamps in there too. Bet your friend will be delighted to get this.