Wednesday, August 22, 2012

latest art journal pages

I've been ignoring my atlas art journal lately. here are some journal pages I have done a couple have been done a couple ago. one i finished today, and one i did the other day. :)


Anonymous said...

You are a busy little bee, lol !! Thanks for sharing your pages Sheri, I think they are becoming more and more expressive, love them ! xxx

Sheri said...

lol not really. the wicked queen, the background and pics were done months ago. i added the words a couple weeks ago. thw 2 collage pages were done a couple months ago, just never posted them. lol and the hot cold was done during the heatwave. :P the halloween type one i did yesterday, And the last pic i just added the words today, the other stuff was done a couple months ago too, just needed a title. :)

Felicia said...

Just wonderful Sheri!! Thanks for sharing! *huggles* =0)