Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Viva Las Vegastamps! Halloween blog hop day 3

Hi and welcome back to day 3. Hope you all did today's game and  visited the VLVS website  to see what is there. Don't forget to go the the VLVS blog and commenting on what you learned on the website. :)

Today I'm going to show you a card I made. And I did a little soot stamping.

Soot stamping is a cool technique, but it takes a while to get enough soot on the glossy cardstock. Or in this case I used Kromecote

You need a candle and a piece of Kromecote(or a glossy cardstock) and maybe a spray bottle of water just in case. Safty First!. Light the candle and place the kromecote over the flame. Not to close to the flame or else you risk of not catching the soot and burn the paper, or have it catch on fire (ask me how I know this. LOL). Just enough so you can catch the black soot on the cardstock. It does take a while for the soot to cover the whole piece you using. You want the kromecote completely black. But I got tired of waiting, and thought what I had was good enough. I took the tree writing collage stamp and stamped on the soot kromecote. it came out really cool. Now you really need to seal it with something. Me being lazy, didn't do that. I did wiped the piece a bit and it still looked good. A little faded, but still cool. I trimmed the piece down a bit.

For the card itself I cut down a Recollection card base to 4x 5 1/2. layered it with some old Recollection Halloween paper from a couple years ago. The purple band is Tissue paper. I used Miracle tape
to attach all the paper layers to the card base.

I then attached the written collage imaged I stamped and trimmed onto the card with Miracle tape. I then Stamped the Faded crow/raven on a piece of clean white Kromecote in black Memento ink pad. I used Black Soot distress ink pad and a water brush to paint the white parts black. The nevermore I stamped  on left over scraps of the soot Kromecote with the Memebto ink pad. I attached those with foam tape.It needed something, so i took a die cut I have of a bird claw and used a few layers ofblack UTEE before stamping the tree writing collage stamp into it. i used a clear embossing ink pad for the stamp. I then used foam tape to attach it to the card. Finally I colored 3 pearls with a black Bick mark it marker and put them on the card.

Items used
Recollections pears
Recollection halloween papers
Tissue paper
Black UTEE
Clear embossing pad
Black Memento ink pad
Candle, foam tape
Black Soot distress ink pad
water brush
Black mark it marker

Stamps used

Have Fun at Susan's and see ya tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

This looks great!

Chris said...

cool card..

Lea Cioci said...

It's still morning but you have me scared! Are those goosebumps on my arm? Great art girl.

Cheryl LIndsay said...


by belle said...

creepy!! in a fantastic halloween way!!

Sandra Strait said...

You are braver than I, but an interesting technique!

Tarnished Rose said...

Brave woman. I use fire, I get burned! Love the card.


Glenda T. said...

Love that claw!!!

Gloria Westerman said...

Great card.....great tutorial...on how to soot....I would be the one to burn the house down...tfs

Judy Cantrell said...

Love your soot card! Thanks for sharing!

Camille Short said...

Great idea!

Lyneen said...

Cool technique... I think I would loose patience waiting!

Cultivate Life in Joy said...

great look..love that soot stamping technique