Monday, December 17, 2012

Challenge for next year

So this year I sort of did the postcard challenge that Darcy did over on her blog. I did really good. then I don't know what happened but Halfway I like stopped and never really went pack.

Well next year Darcy is going to do a  new challenge that I going to do. and I really hope to accomplish this challenge. She is calling it The artful Readers club.  I will be picking 12 books in my To be read pile that I will commit to reading next year. They don't have to be art related. they can be any gene.

I know I tired to to read at least a book or 2 a month this year but I fell flat. I use to be a big reader. One year i think i read 80 something book. Another year 60 something. Then I discovered ustream and the great friends I made from there and youtube and my reading went south since, no matter the goals I set for myself for reading. My favorite thing to do i get on the computer and turn on some music and just read, taking breaks once and a while to check mail or facebook.

I got the new Kindle Fire HD for Hanukkah  don't have many books on it yet. Though I did borrow a book to read from my month trial on Amazon Prime today and read the whole thing today. lol (like I said I turned on some music and read.) But for this challenge I will be using the books I have in my to be read pile. So be on the look of next year for that post of what I'll be reading next year! :D

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