Sunday, February 17, 2013

Buzz agent report on Cafe Escapes

So now I tried all the flavors of the Cafe Escapes that was in my Buzz kit. None were grounds like coffee, Like I thought. Well I knew the hot chocolate were powders, but I didn't know the other flavors were powders too.

My favorite was the Cafe Caramel. I love caramel, and it this had great flavor to it. The Cafe Vanilla was good too, my Least favorite was the Cage Mocha. I love chocolate, this was too much for me. The Chai was good and so were the hot chocolates. But I like the Milk chocolate more than the dark, but that was my preference. I did find though that these drinks did not perk me up like regular coffee does. But it taste very yummy.

I most defiantly will be getting the Cafe Caramel.

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