Sunday, February 3, 2013

Make Something as cute as a bug!

Last page for now. I have a lot of pages in stages, and all a hot mess I think. :P This one is another napkin. I used yellow and green craft paints. I added a bird stencil using a greener green (greener green? is that a word? LOL). I tried to fade it into the page the greener green. Oh! I also used the Harlequin stencil(both the bird and the harlequin stencils were given to me from Fiona) I was looking through my collage fodder and saw this add from Fruity/Cocoa Pebbles. Cut the pictures out and glued them on the page. I even used the words on that was on the ad. The I did something I hardly ever do. I doodled on the page. I made dots behind the bees, like they were flying. I doodled some flowers(badly). I even outlined the bird, gave him a wing and an eye.

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