Sunday, May 12, 2013

ABAC Challenge week 19

Its time for another ABAC challenge. The challenge for the ext 2 weeks is a color challenge. Here is the picture of the colors for the challenge.

Here is my result of  challenge. 

As you can see I did a journal page. I did a base coat the aqua color,. I stamped with the bubble gum pink craft paint with the Harlequin diamond background stamp. I then used the powder blue  in parts, didn't like it wipe it off with a baby wipe. liked how it turned out, so wiped some more. then I used the 6 hexagon stamp by Viva Las VegaStamps! in the paradise blue.I did outline it in black Bic pen. I stamped the chevron stamp in Razzle berry. I then did some drips in the Aqua, Razzle Berry, and Silver and some splots with the left over paints. I printed out a sentiment from Ginger's house and painted the words in the silver. I glued them to the page.

So thats it! Hope you all come play in the new challenge!


Greater Canton USBC BA said...

Hi Sheri. This is Marie Schwab/Coachschwab/NolansGrammy. What are the dates of you challenge. Love those colors.

Sheri said...

The challenges are for 2 weeks.

Julie Short said...

So glad you are telling it like it is in your journal Sheri and yes I am laughing.