Thursday, November 28, 2013

ARC November book

This month I read The TeaBerry Strangler by Laura Childs. Its the 11th book in the Tea Shop Mysteries. Laura  also writes two other series, a scrapbooking series, and the Cracklebery club mysteries. The last one I have not read.

Theodsia Browning owns Indigo Tea shop. Drayton who is the expert of teas and makes the blends for the store. and Haley the chef who makes the food for teas and catered events. The tea shop is in Charleston, SC.

In this book The shop owners in town hosted an event. The owners dressed in clocks of yore and opened their back doors of their shops to visitors to take part in sales. It was after this event that Theodisa(Theo) went out back and saw The owner of the map store, Daria dead in the alley. Theo tries to find out who did it at the urging of her Aunt Libby who is friends with Daria's relative.

the book was okay. It wasn't the best in the books I read in the series. I do enjoy the series so I will be reading the ones after this one. There is about 16 books in the series. So I have some catch up to do.

Here is my journal page I did. And yes, I wrote murder instead of strangler. I didn't have the book infront of me when I did the page. I did a mental slap when I saw my mistake.

So for my final book on this reading challenge, I WAS going to read Butercream Bump off by Jenn McKinlay but I just got from the library for my Kindle Jim Henson: the Biography by Brian Jay Jones. That I will be reading instead. (Edit: Since the writing of this blog post,I'm almost done with the book) Who knows I might do both next month. :)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your art is fantastic. I loved the images you used. Nicely done. Actually, I like Murder better, anyway. It all adds up to the same act.

It's too bad the book was a bit of a disappointment, but I was delighted to read that you haven't given up on the series.

Mario Zeleny said...

I enjoyed your art! Love the background! Ok, if that is your last book...I will be here with bells on... LOVE Jim Henson!!!

What is a scrapbooking series??

Magaly Guerrero said...

Your art makes me crave a cup of tea. Yum!

Sorry about the book. Let's hope the last book of the year is winner!

Janet said...

Absolutely brilliant artwork! Such a great page, especially the background you have created.

Janet x

NatashaMay said...

Love your journal page and the background is fabulous. :)

Darcy UK said...

Sorry your book was a bit of a let down, sad when that happens in a series that you love, hope the next one is better. Great page, love the background layers.