Saturday, November 9, 2013

Art journal page swap part one

This summer I particapated in the 2nd round of the art journal page swap that was hosted by Mandy. This was the 2nd round of the swap. I wanted to do the 1st round, but decided not to and sort of wished I did, so I joined the 2nd round.  The rues was simple make a 5 x 8 journal page, no theme, anything you wanted to do, but keep it flat so its easy to mail. They could be all the same or all different pages And mail the pages to everyone in the swap. This round there were 23 people doing it. And we didn't have to mail them all at once. We had basically 1 week per person to mail them out so the deadline was Nov. 9 to have them all mailed out to everyone. I did them in groups. First group went out was the Chezch and Australasia. Well the Australasia one I did mail 3 pages in 1 envelope to save postage. lol The next batch that went out was to the U.K. and Canada. next batches were to the U.S.

I didn't have any clue what I wanted to do for my pages. I just went in with my first page and played with a background, and went from there. Basically on most of them I put some paint down some color on the page. When the paint dried I took some book pages and used the Claudine Hellmuth multi medium gloss to do a transfer. Lifting the piece of book paper off almost as soon as I put it on the page. The I used some stamps (VLVS! of course!) and some stencils and sprays.

As for the main image I had no idea what I wanted to do. I looked through magazine images I ripped out I saw an ad that I liked. I thought I can trace that and then do a Julie Nutting type girl with it. I've read her book "Collage Couture" and in the book she suggested that if you can't draw you can trace. Course this was before her rubber stamps came out with Prima. So thats what I did. I traced the girl out on tracing paper. Then I shrunk the traced image to size I wanted it. I then took the shrunken size and copied that to dictionary pages. This took a few tries to get it right. When printing the girl had the words upside down! I was getting frustrated. LOl but finally I somehow managed to get it right and printed all of them in one shot so I didn't have to mess with it when I needed them. :P I painted the skin with Artist loft Watercolors. The hair is with Pearlesnt watercolors. The dress are from differnt scrapbook papers. The belt is the black Enamel accents by Ranger. Used the Helmar craft and Hobby PVA glue to glue the clothes to the girl and the girl to the page. The sentiments I used on the pages is from Viva Las VegaStamps! Cut and glued the sentiments to the page with glossy accents. The I edge the words around with black pick pen and the clear star dust gelly roll pen.

Now I'll probably do the pictures of what the pages look like in more than one post as I said there are 23 (including myself) people in the swap, so it will be quiet picture heavy. LOL

Here are the first batch of 10 them.

This is the page went to Fiona

This is the page went to Fran

This is the page went to Jaen

This is the page went to Jen

This is the page  went to JJ

This is the page  went to Julia

This page went to Lori

This is the page went to Mandy (I had just gotten my Dylusions spray, I Had to play!

This is the page went to Pavla

This is the page went to Robin

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