Sunday, November 2, 2014

art journal class: transfers

So today was another art journal class over at the Crafting place taught by DeeDee Catron of Viva Las VegaStamps! and UmWow Studio. Today's lesson was all about Transfers with gel medium. I've done transfers before, but this was using images printed on a laser jet printer. I've done with magazine and inkjet.

the background is using stencils as stamps. We sprayed some homemade coffee spray onto the stencil. The one I'm using is the confetti heart stencil from UmWow. After spraying I carefully picked up the stencil and placed it onto the watercolor paper. After I dried it I took some Walnut stain distress spray and water on my craft mat. I took a cap from an old spray bottle and another circle from something and stamped it on the paper. They call it paper marking now, I still call it stamping. lol After everything dried I went outside to spray it with fixative. Definitely going to try and find SpectraFix Spray Fixative because you can spray it inside and not an spray paint  can like the other fixatives out there. Next I added some text paper and then did the transfer with the heavy matte gel medium. When I was taking the paper off some of the print was coming off too. I probably didn't add enough matte gel to the paper or the butterfly. I quit while I was ahead. I knew there was more white fuzz to take off but didnt want to risk taking taking any more off. When I came home I trimmed the sheet to size of the journal and attached with miracle tape. 

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