Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nov. ARC

Again I looked through Media on Demand site to see on my wish list I wanted to read that was available to borrow, and not wait around for it to borrow it. I found this fun little read. "Classic Candy: America's Favorite sweets 50-80's by Darlene Lacy. I've read similar books to this one(Candy Freak by Steve Almond for one).  If your into nostalgia and pop culture this book is for you! The books has 5 chapters(not including introduction and further reading and places you can go). Covers Classic Chocolates, to and Classic Sweets, to fads and Trends(pop Rocks), Celebrates(Reggie Bar, E.T & Reese's Pieces) and Holiday Candies) From reading Candy Freak I knew a lot of the small company's were bought out by the big ones(Hershey, Mars, Nestle's). And I knew from reading (Veruca Salt) that Quaker was in the candy biz for a while (at least while they made the movie). But there were thins I didn't know and Candy I never knew that was made and now gone from was not selling or not P.C.

The pictures in the book were awesome! She had old ads of Candies through out the book. When I was reading the chapter of Holidays There was a picture of this little Halloween goodie bag that people could put candy in for the trick or treaters from I'm guessing the 60's.

 from the book

I saw it and was like "I have some bags similar to this that Rose gave me" So when I went downstairs to grab my stamps of candy for my art I grabbed one of them too for my journal page. :D

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