Saturday, September 5, 2015

Altered box using DecoArt products

So Early this year I went to Goodwill and picked up this Armoire box. I thought It would be a good project to alter. I made those Doll cases for my cousins, and I had been wanting to make one for myself after the move, but never got around to it. When I saw this box at Goodwill thats what I thought of. So I began gathering stuff for it. I got little hangers from Joann's/ I was going to do this projecrt for a future Anything But A Card Challenge Blog. But ABAC is no more sadly.

If you saw my last Youtube Video, you saw the goodies I got from DecoArt via their Blogger program. I signed up late last year and didn't hear if I got accepted or not. Then a few weeks ago, I thought I try again. Then I realized I did get accepted. I sent them the project I wanted to do with their products Then I picked what Deco Art Products I would like to use for the project. As you can tell my project got the okay. so I started working on it yesterday and today.

Here are before pictures of the box. I started to work on it, then remembered to take a before picture. Thankfully i didn't get to far. :) And I took pictures after Every step I did (Go ME! ) so this post will be picture heavy. :D

Inside the box

 First think I did i took some pattern tissue paper crumpled it up and then Mod Podge it to the outside of the box for some texture. I did not do the inside.

I then used DecoArt  Media White Gesso for the outside of the box.

After that dried, I used the DecoArt Media Black Gesso on the inside the box and inside the door.

Next, for more texture, I used the Scribbles Stencil by Americana With DecoArt Media  White Modeling Paste on the sides and top of the box.

For the from door and the back  used the Bon Voyage stencil by Americana . Also using the white Molding paste.

I used Americana craft paint Peony Pink for the sides of the box. I did have do do a couple coats, to make sure everything was covered. I even used my fingers to get where the paintbrush couldn't.

The back and the door I used Carousel Pink. Again I did a couple coats and used my fingers.

The inside the door I used the DecoArt Media Black Molding Paste and the Scribble stencil. Leaving it as is. I'm sure I will add something to the back of the door. maybe a "mirror" or something.

Back to the outside.  I put a little dab of Americana craft paint in Lamp (Ebony)Black on a plastic lid and sprayed some water. Itook a paint brush and did splots and splatters on all sides of the outside of the box. I had splots everywhere! My desk, things on my desk, my arms, my face, my glasses! Looks cool, though I don't like the dripage that happened on the front door, LOL 

Finally I sprayed DecoArt Media Shimmer Mist in white. I spayed far up and I did while it back, I wanted the shimmer.

I started working on the inside. I cut a shelf out of scrapbook paper and then punched holes on both sides of the folds where I scored it. I ran wire through the hole as the rod to hang the hangers. but it sagged when I put them on. I also had a heck of a time trying to figure out the length and width of the shelf I needed. I was getting totally frusterated that it wasn't working. So I ripped the shelf out and put in the corner for a time out til we are on speaking terms again. So stay tuned! 

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Your project turned out great! I see that you are starting to decorate your room with your recent projects, they look very pretty!