Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vintage Camper

Everyone has those projects they want to do but they NEVER do them. I have a few of those. Yesterday I did one of them.

I been wanting to make this vintage camper that the Scrappy Camper Sisters did on their very first Ustream show.(you guys know I love retro/vintage(not 20's-40's vintage LOL) stuff) I went to their blog and downloaded their free tutorial and templates to make it(The tutorial is temporarily down.). That was over a year ago! Last Week I printed out the templates. I was saving cereal boxes for the lightweight chipboard. Then Yesterday I sent all day making it. I didn't mean to spend all day, but I got going I didn't want to stop. I did stop to eat. lol

So here it is! Paper I used was Boarding Pass by October Afternoon. I only had 3 12x12 sheets of it and 2 of it was the same paper. The 2 of the same I used for the sides of the camper taking advantage of both sides of the paper. The roof is the other 12x12 I have. The Roof I used front covers of paper pads. Putting on the decorative paper on the roof was tricky and scary. A few bad words were said and almost tears were shred as I put the first panel of paper on the roof. As I said before I didn't have a lot of Boarding Pass papers so if I ruined that paper I was done.  I also used a scrap of a 8x8 sheet from Travel Girl for the wheels and the wings. I had a small package of pearls string flowers sitting by me so I took the 2 flowers and put them on the other 2 windows.

I also used Grunge Board and used Distress Stain in Brushed Pewter for the bumpers and windows. For the windows I cut a pieces of white cardstock. I stamped some Julie Nutting dolls on the paper and colored with Prisma's.  Then I glued it on the Grunge board. I also used Tim Holt's Hitch posts for the wheels. I was going to use brads from the Travel Girl Collection, but I liked the hitch posts better. I added a NV license plate to the grunge board book plate. Which I will admit It was upside down. I don't know how that happened. I tried to get it right side up. lol So I took the sticker off and put it on the right way. lol The 2 pearl flowers I used for headlights.

You can see the roof here I added dewdropps the the roof here. I had a VLVS! image by my desk. I had stamped it for a card I was working on for Submission for RubberStampMaddness. It didn't stamp as crisp as I would of liked for that so I put to the side. I saw it on my desk and thought it would be good on here so I cut it and used Miracle tape to pit it ont he window. 

The box is where the mini album goes. As you can see there is no mini album yet. I don't know what to do for that if anything. I just really wanted to make the camper. lol The box is a from Boarding Pass collection it was a shape 12x12 us scallops. Like a big stamp. I cut the scallops off and cut the shape of the box like the template. Glued it on the chipboard. I added some washi tape from Prima. Like I said above the wheels are from Travel Girl also by October Afternoon.  

The only thing I didn't do yet is make the Hitch post. I tried making one with a book plate from Grunge board book plate. but it did not stick to the box. So its a stationary camper til I find something more sturdy. LOL 

I would make this again. but maybe smaller. I would love to use one of my many 6x6 or 8x8 paper pads. but that would require math and you all know I don't do math and measuring! 

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