Saturday, October 6, 2012

8x10 canvas

the other day I played with one of the 8x10 flat canvas. I wanted to play with some of the goodies Sharon sent me from the Ranger sale. :)

I did lots of layers. First layer is dictionary papers and music sheet glued on with modge podge matte. then gesso. then took some stencils and the 3 color washes Sharon sent me. Plum, eggplant and espresso. Then another layer of gesso to see it the color washes come up. these are my first bottles of the stuff! :D Then I went purple and added layers of different shades of purple craft paints. In between the layers i sprayed some of the goosebumps. More stencils and color wash spay in eggplant. I used some molding paste from Blick on the harlequin stencil. after that dried I put the stencil back over the white molding paste and sprayed the eggplant color wash over it. I put some water down black craft paint on a paint pallet along with  neon purple. I sprayed a lot of water in the neon purple craft paint to water it down. and made a pinch of drips.

Then i did something dumb. I deiced to put some rock candy distress crackle paint on parts of where i had the molding paste in the corners. after it started to crack i blasted it with heat gun. It cracked nicely, but it was also flaking off! UGH! So i flaked the rest off as best I could and put the stencil back and I did cover the rest of the canvas with scrap paper and paper towel for over spray(did that when I was using the harlequin stencils in the 3 places).

Last thing I did was spray some Lindy's Stamp Gang Voodoo Violet  Blue (and I have just a tiny bit left in the bottle. :P), I let it drip down the canvas.

I then deiced to make it into junk journal. the canvas is the cover. The papers inside is all kinds of different papers from are in my stash, from back in the day, dictionary papers, retro ads, scrapbook papers, and other type of paper.

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