Sunday, October 21, 2012

my latest buzz campaign Green mountain fair trade coffee

Some of you guys know I am a buzz agent for I recently signed up for another campaign. The campaign is for Green Mountain coffee for the "Great Coffee Good Vibes pass it on" Their free trade coffees. I got my kit yesterday. 

In my kit was the buzz guide, coupons to pass out for either a package of k-cups or ground coffee for the fair trade, and 3 sample boxes of 4 flavors of coffee in kcups. The flavors are Sumatran reserve, Wild Mountian Blueberry, Vermont Country Blend and Colombian.

This morning I had the Wild Blueberry. It is a light roast. It was good, it smelled like blueberry when it was brewing and it tasted like blueberry when I drank it. Some coffees I find does not taste the flavor says it is. Tomorrow I will try one of the other flavors. Though I will admit I'll probably will not try the Sumatran Reserve as that is too strong of a coffee for me. My dad will be having that one. :)

To learn more about Green mountain fair trade coffee go to their facebook page and like them so you will be able to watch their video. Also go to

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