Monday, June 3, 2013

Icad day one and 2

Well its that time of year again for ICAD(index card a day) that Tammy from Daisy Yellow hosts the past few years. Its simple just do a little art on an index card for the next 2 months(June and July). You can either do the prompt she has for the date or week or go off on your own. Last year I came in late and was trying to catch up, but I got burned out when i was doing a bunch in a day.

I deiced to do Rolodex cards instead of index cards. I have a bunch of Rolodex cards from when I bought a Rolodex that had the cards still in it, and cards were in a bag at Savers. This way I can use the cards for addresses for my Rolodex. :) I did start a day late so I did 2 yesterday. :)

The sentiments are from VLVS! from when they had a print catalog way back in the day. :) I had cut stuff in the catalog way back when to use for collages or such. :) 

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