Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Three Continent Blend review

As you guys know I am a buzz agent for And I got the campaign for the fair trade Green Mountain coffee. The campaign features the Three Continent blend.

A week or two ago I showed you the Buzz kit for the Green Mountain Fair trade certified coffee in the Three Continent Blend, showing you the samples I got to try it and tell you guys about it. Today i'm going to do a review of the coffee. 

Normally I do not drink a medium roast and an extra bold coffee, which is what the flavor is. But for this campaign I did try it a couple of times. It smelled good. And it did have a little bitter taste to it. I did add some creamer and that probably died that bitter taste a bit for me.But the flavor was very good. I know a couple of people really did like this coffee. So i woud give this a try if you like the Medium roast of coffees and the extra boldness. I do have  video to upload when I tried the coffee for the first time that i have to upload.

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