Monday, October 7, 2013

New Buzz campaign for Green Mountain Fair Trade coffee

Well I got another Buzz campaign with Its for Green Mountain fair trade coffee again. This time a different flavor of coffee.  The flavor Is called Three Continent Blend. Its a Kelly Clarkson Limited Edition. This year she is doing the fair trade coffee campaign. She traveled to Peru to see a coffee farm down there. While there with the help of Green Mountain coffee developed this coffee blend. The three blends are Sumatran beans which give this the body of the coffee. Mixed with beans from South America for the sweet smoothness and fruity notes And then the Ethiopian beans for the floral finish.

This coffee is an extra bold coffee than what I'm use to. I'm more of a mild coffee drinker. Its also a Medium roast coffee. As I just this package tonight I haven't tried it yet. Be sure to look for a future blog post and or video on my review of the product.

this is what I got in my buzz kit.

3 boxes holding 2 k-cups each of the Three Continent Blend and a coupon book that has coupons for me to pass out to family and friends to save 50% off select Keurig Brewers. And Free shiping for U.S.A only. How cool is that! But the coupon is good til Oct. 31, 2013. So if your looking for a new Keurig....

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