Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oct. ARC read

This month I read Delicious and Suspicious by Riley Adams. The Author's real name is Elizabeth Spann Craig, and her real name she writes the Myrtle Clover series(I've been reading those on my kindle when they were free cute series). Anyway back to this months book. Delicious and Suspicious is the first of the series. The series takes place in A BBQ restaurant Memphis, TN. The restaurant is called Aunt Pat's names after the lead character in the book, Lulu Taylor's aunt Pat. The restaurant is family run with her son Ben as the chef and his wife Sara as hostess. And her other son, Seb as restaurant manager. And at the end of the book there are recipes.

In this book a Rebecca Adrian, A scout for the cooking channel comes to Memphis to look for the bet BBQ in Memphis for an upcoming show. After eating at Aunt Pat's she was to go to a competitor to try their food but is later found dead, and some think it was eating at Aunt Pat's. And Lulu tries to figure out who did it to save the restaurant reputation. 

The book was okay. it was a good for first of the series. It had some interesting characters like the Grace's(a bunch of Elvis fans who work at Graceland to make sure the tourist don't touch anything or go where they are not suppose to go). Will I read others in the series? I might. I have them on my wish lit on Shelfari and if I find the books at a thrift store or at the library I might pick it up. 

Here is my art for the book.
No you are not looking at the page wrong. After I did the background and before I put the pig image on the page I realized the page was upside down. I guess when I was straying I move the page upsidedown to do some drips. Sigh! So I deiced to leave it as is and finish it. :P

This is what I looks like right side up! :)

Next month I'm going to read Teaberry Murder by Laura Childs.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This actually sounds like a book I might enjoy. I hope to find it at my library, too. Thanks.

Your upside down pig was perfect even when it was upside down. I liked how you sectioned the cuts. Really clever, and it looks like a real pig, too. Clever.

abby j said...

Good, honest review, Sheri...and I too think it's appropriate that your pig is upside down...makes me think that the pig died as did the food critic! A happy mistake! :)

Mario Zeleny said...

I love how you wove the symbolism in the book within your art. Brilliant. The pig images was spot on! Thanks for a great review!

Darcy UK said...

ohh i love the upside down pig, it was obv meant to be. had to smile at the reference to the Graces, now that job must be a labour of love.

Janet said...

Your journal page is great! The background is full of interest and layers. Having the pig upside down focused my attention on your lovely artwork.

Janet xx

Magaly Guerrero said...

I really like the Myrtle Clover Series. I need to check this one out.

Love the colorful pig; upside down and right side up ;-)