Thursday, October 22, 2015

Altered box using DecoArt products Part 2

Last month I did a blog post on an box I got at good will and altering it with stuff from DecoArt. I put in the corner after I was getting frustrated while trying to make a rod for the closet so I could hang hangers. Well I got it out of the corner the other day and worked on it.

The other day I had gotten a package from MySmiley360 for my latest campaign. In the package was a speech bubble on a stick, like those photo booth prop things. I saw the stick and was like I can use that for my closet! I ripped it off the paper and cut it and it was a tad too long then i cut a tiny bit off. then it was too short! UGH! I happened to have 2 squares of chipboard from UmWowStudio. It was the right thickness needed for the rod to fit. I painted all 3 pieces in American Lamp(Ebony) black craft paint. I glued the rod to the squares. then after it dried I slid it in. No glue needed.

Next i wanted to work on the Mirror I wanted to put inside the door. I didn't have one, so made my own. I had a frame from Michael's that I got from th $1.50 bin. I used DecoArt Media Gesso in white. then painted it with Carousel Pink. I made the "mirror part by taking a pice of chipboard and cutting it to size of the mirror and putting metal tape on the chipboard. Glued that to the back for the frame. While that dried I was looking through all my flowers. Didn't see any I liked the the size I wanted for the mirror so I got out my Mod Mold of flowers and Amazing Casting Resin from Amazing Casting products. I also used some Allumilite Gun Metal Metallic Powder inside the flowers. I had some resin still lft so I quickly got the trinkets Mod Mold and cast some pieces in that mold.

While that was curing I used a little bit of the same metallic powder on the frame. Here is the before and after of the frame painted. I had 2 of the same frame. 

While everything was drying I added some trim that I got at Michael's also in the $1.50 pin. Glued the trim with Aleen's tacky Glue. I also used a wood veneer piece with my first letter of my name. painted it with the Americana Lamp craft paint. and also used some of the gun metal metallic powder on it. I glued that to the front of the door.

I also added some Wild Orchid Crafts flowers to the top of the box and a couple of black flowers.

You can see I used on of the flower pieces I casted on the bottom right of the door,

The inside of the door I glued down the Mirror using both Aleen's tacky and Crackle accents. I put something heavy on it while it dried and didn't come up. Once dried I glued down 3 of the resin flowers on one corner of the frame. on the opposite corner I used a Prima flower and leaves and 2 Wild Orchid crafts flowers. one what white that I sprayed with Bubble Gump\ pink Dylusions spray. I sprayed DecoArt Shimmer Mist in White on all the flowers and leaves. When everything dried I glued them on. 

Unfortunately This made the made the door a little top heavy. So when I go open the door to take pictures, the box tipped. So the enxt thing to work on is the inside of the box. I already started on the clothes for the close with my Julie Nutting dolls stamps. but the bottom needs something. And hopefully that will balance it out. :)

so stay tuned.... :D

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