Thursday, January 14, 2016

color me positive journal 52 week 1

This year I'm doing 2 year long art journal challenges. Once again I'm doing Journal 52. I wasn't going to do it again this year because I didn't do much of the prompts last year. Effy Wild took it over, so I deiced o do it again.I'm also doing a new challenge called Color me Positive. Is prompts of positive.Every week there is a quote for the prompt and also an alternative prompt. Color me positive prompts come out Thursday night(Well Friday morning in Australasia.). and Journal 52 comes out Friday.

I'm using a small comp book that I got a Michael's a couple years ago in the $1.50 bin. its 5x7 in size. Its so cute. I'm using it for both art journal challenges.I was going to use 2 separate ones but deiced to put both in 1. one side will be for Color me positive and the other Journal 52.To prep the comp book I glued 2 pages together. I only did half the book for now.

So after that long introduction. Here is week 1.

Week 1 for Color me positive was gratitude. with the quote "when you look at life through eyes of gratitude, the world becomes a magical and amazing place." Jennifer Gayle. For the background I used some Tissue paper by Tim Holtz. I then sprayed some Mister Huey's color mists, that I had just gotten that day. The colors used were Canyon and Warm Calico. I did try the spray with a stencil, but you can't really see the stencil. so I just moved the stay around. while that dried I played with my new Julie Nutting doll stamp(well new to me. I had gotten Marisol and her clothes from a week before I did the page. colored her with my neo ii's.  I dressed her in scraps I had in by scrap bin. I typed out the quote and printed it on the printer (before the printer deiced it didn't want to print in black ink anymore. I even changed the the cartage.and cleaned the printer.)I used my dymo labler and wrote gratitude. I only have the red tape now, I used up the black one. Both came with the Dymo labler when I got it at a thrift store. Lastly I used my black Stabilo pencil around the words.

Week 1 for Journal 52 was your one word. Now normally this is something I just don't do. I have never picked my one little word in the 6 years I've been art journaling. But this year I thought why not. My word is brave. I want to be brave to promote my patreon and be brave to promote my Zibbit store(I always feel funny with promoting that kind of stuff which is more or less meaning promoting myself.), and lots of other things I need to be brave for. The background is  a print I did on my Geli plate. (Yes, I got one of them. Though I only played with it once so far. I do like it.) I looked on Pintrest for a Miranda from the movie "Brave" picture to color. I thought I had a magazine image of her, but did not find it. Found this one, I tried to get the website where she came from but the site was no longer in use.I used my light skin tone markers from Prima to color her skin (practice practice practice). Then I used Crayola Super tip makers for the rest. I made her have brown hair like me instead of red. and her outfit pink and not green. Because its me and I hate green. LOL Cut her out and glued her on the page with Aleen's tacky. Used stickers (also used glue to help them stay on the page) from Target Dollar Spot I had for a couple of years to spell Brave. I went around the letters with a white gelly roll pen.

So here is week one. stay tune for week 2. :)

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