Saturday, January 2, 2016

Secret Sis swap Jan/Feb 2016

During the holiday I hosted a Secret Sister swap for the Hot Mess Art Gang. It was a success and everyone loved what they got. This time I thought I would open it for everyone. I've been in this type of swap 2 times and its a lot of fun! 

This swap is a one on one swap.  Its a secret so SHHHHH!! No one will get the same person. Example: Lucy and sally won't get each other. At least I hope not I draw names out of a hat. It is open for international people too. If you are in the states and don't want an international partner due to postage. (believe me I understand. ) please let me know when you sign up.

As for stuff to send to your Secret Sister.  You can buy stuff for your sister, but since this is come clean in 2016 please let a good chunk of it be from your stash. Making things is also encourage.

Deadline for signups Jan 30 I will get partners out on Jan 31 . Deadline to mail your packages to your Secret Sister by Feb. 29 That gives you a month, plenty of time to do go through your stash, shopping and making gifties for your Secret Sisters. Also this will give you a little early Christmas (or Hanukkah present (that's if the post office does its job and gets it to you on time or coal for them!) LOL I Will be tweeting reminding everyone in the swap to get crackalacking and get those packages in the mail. I am the secretary after all! :D Please no flakers!

 Please e-mail me at with the subject line SECRET SISTER SWAP (this way I won't confuse it with the junk mail! lol) with the following (this will be sent to your Secret Sister. 
Mailing Address:
Social handles
And a little about yourself, to give your Secret Sister some idea, if they don't know you already.
What's your style(s)?
Favorite Paper Line(s)
Favorite Designer(s)
Favorite color(s)
Favorite Candy and or snacks?
What are you into? Do you make cards, scrapbook, art journal, or all the above. I know we are all mixed media artists.
Anything else you want to add to let your Secret Sis to know.
Dislikes? What you DO NOT like, (like for me  I do not like steampunk, or green, )


Nancy Watson said...
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Nancy Watson said...

I'm so excited I got my package today! Tamarie, everything was perfect! Only thing, I wish I had known you were from Jersey. I would have so asked for a breakfast sausage bagel sandwich and a WAWA peach tea! ;) loved WAWA while we were stationed there. I can't post pics here, so everyone I will share on Facebook.