Monday, January 25, 2016

Mixed Media Morsels 1-3

On Youtube a last month I saw Shannon Green video where she was collageing scraps of paper in a journal. It was part of the Mixed media morsels series that Cat hand has started.  Cat Hand has even started a Facebook group for this(same name: Mixed Media Morsels. Its a closed group).

The 1st one is useing the plastic wrap on wet paint. Something i've done before. But I didn't have any plastic wrap in the house so I improvised with a sandwich baggie that I cut open. The difference using the sandwich baggie and not the plastic wrap, is that the baggie almost got stuck to the page. but it left a cool texture on the page.

The 2nd morsel was gluing tiny scraps of papers on to the page. i used what was on my desk. an ad that was left over from Color me Positive page, piece of tissue paper that had spray on it. piece of paper that was a drop paper and a couple scraps from a map poster. I used Mod Podge to glue the papers down. When they dried I took a black Sharpie and sketch my initial of my name. I outlined it in gold marker. I added some dots with my white gelly roll pen.

the 3rd one was using paint and 70%  alcohol. This was a lot of fun/ the 1st layer I used neon pink and neon blue. then I driped some alcohol with a paint brush. I then did another layer of paint with a water down green paint. and then splatter more alcohol on it. and the last layer I painted water down pink paint to the page and splatter more alcohol on that. 

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