Wednesday, January 1, 2014

product review: Puffs To Go packs

a few months ago I joined Its another word of mouth site like Around Christmas time I got a box from them, called JollyVoxBox. In it was a bunch of stuff to try and give my thought on them or take pictures and post them on various social media sites or a review on the company's site.

Today I'm going to be reviewing Puff To Go packs. This happens to be one that has the lotion in the tissue.

Each package has 10 2 ply tissues. Folded they measure 4 by 2.

Unfoulded it measures 8 by 4. 

When I used them I noticed there was not a greasy feeling to the tissue, unlike when they first came out with this kind way back in the day. But there is a smell to them. As far as what they are used for and not sounding too grossed, they hold u well. I know vaged but you know what tissue is used for. lol

The only thing I do no like is after you open the package, after you close it there are gaps on the side so its not really fully closed. and if it moves in your purse or bag will get warned and possibility keep the package opened or get the tissues messed up. But the size and portability of this product is great. perfect to keep in your purse or bag. And the packs come in various patterns and colors.

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