Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Soul Food lessons 5&6

I finally caught up with watching the Soul Food Lessons 4-7. Lesson 4 I want to try to do, but I need to get more Bristol and I need to find paper big enough to do the cover for it. Lesson 7 I don't have the medium she used for the lesson.

But I did do Lesson 5 Which was a weaving using 2 backgrounds. once background with dylusion sprays and one with paints and stencils.

I did do a backing on the piece and added a strip of white paper as I was putting in a book with binder rings. And I made a pocket...

So I can put lesson 6 in the pocket.

Lesson 6 was making a little book of a story. Well I'm not that good at drawing or coming up with a story. I did the background which was fun and then I drew some girls.

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