Sunday, August 23, 2015


Yeah I know I haven't blogged much. I've been doing stuff, just not blogging it. lol Though I am still doing videos, Which reminds me I have to upload 4 videos I did on my Documented Life Journal. I fell way behind in that! But I'm almost caught up. (I say that but I'm now 2 weeks behind again! This weeks and Last week to do! Sigh! )

A couple weeks ago my mom had a DR. Appointment, So While she was there my dad wanted something at the Container Store and it was near by so we went over there. I picked up for him and I saw this sales catalog there. I picked it up. The other day I glued 3 to 4 pages together so I can art in it.

I worked in the 1st page in it the other day. A collage.

Here is the 2nd collage page.

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